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( 30 credit hours)
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This sheet is intended to be informational only.

Prior to taking these courses, a student should complete a student application form.

In effect for Students admitted to Fall 2008

To assure success, students should fulfill the prerequisite course(s) before the requirements.
      _______________  COM 102: Interpersonal Communications
      _______________  HUS 101: Introduction to Social Service Systems
      _______________  PSY 100: Introduction to Psychology
      _______________  SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology
You must complete the following requirements for your certificate
      _______________  HUS 220: Child Mental Health
      _______________  HUS 212: Case Management
      _______________  HUS 221: Adolescent Mental Health
      _______________  PSY 232: Crisis Counseling
      _______________  PSY 308: Human Development
 and choose one of the following:
      _______________  JUS 277: Violence in the Family
      _______________  HUS 233: Sexual Abuse & Trauma
      _______________  SSC 318: Adolescence, Substance Abuse & Criminality
      _______________  PSY 345: Problems & Interventions in Childhood

All courses in this certificate program transfer into the Associate of Science in Human Services and/or the Bachelor of Science in Mental Health and Human Services

This certificate program is offered state-wide at over 100 sites and centers, as well as The University of Maine at Augusta and Bangor. The Child & Youth Care Practitioner Program will elevate the professional aspirations of persons who provide direct services to youth in group homes, residential treatment shelters, juvenile corrections, foster care, early childhood education and community outreach support programs. This program serves as the focal point for a state-wide Child & Youth Care Certification model.

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  Students are encouraged to contact their local Advising Center for academic advising and support services throughout their stay at UMA.