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Post Baccalaureate of Science - MENTAL HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES

(32 credit hours)

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This sheet is intended to be informational only.
Students must consult with an academic advisor prior to registration

In effect for students admitted to Fall 2008

You must complete the following as requirements for your degree:

Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution in a different discipline


  MENTAL HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES (32 credit hours)
       _______________  PSY 220: Psychosocial Rehabilitation
       _______________  PSY 232: Crisis Counseling
       _______________  PSY 330: Interviewing and Counseling
       _______________   SOC 305: Group Process
       _______________  HUS 212: Case Management
       _______________  HUS 308: Assessment & Planning
       _______________  HUS 349: Supervision in Health and Human Services
       _______________  HUS 460: Internship Seminar
       _______________  HUS 462: Internship in Mental Health & Human Services

Students who have completed any of the required courses listed above should select substitutes from the following list in addition to completing one of the following courses.

       _______________  HUS 101: Intro to Social Services System
       _______________  HUS 236: Foundations of Vocational Rehabilitation
       _______________  PSY 218: Community Mental Health
       _______________  SOC 201: Social Problems or SOC/COM 250: Intercultural Communication or SOC 340: Sociology of Minorities
       _______________  PSY 350: Mental Health and Aging
       _______________  PSY 400: Abnormal Psychology
       _______________  SOC 319: Social Gerontology
       _______________  SSC 332: Addiction and the Family
       _______________  HUS 125: Chemical Dependency
                                           (or one of the following)
       _______________  SSC 331: Substance Abuse Counseling for Special Populations
       _______________  HUS 326: Chemical Dependency Counseling

   Upon Completion of the Post Baccalaureate in Mental Health & Human Services, students will be granted Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community certification.

APPROVED TO RECEIVE DEGREE:  Post Baccalaureate of Science, Mental Health & Human Services
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Students are encouraged to contact their faculty advisor and the Advising Center
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