BA in Art, Studio Concentration      Curriculum Mapping May, 2003   ARH Electives






ARH 112

ARH 230

ARH 240

ARH 250

ARH 274

ARH 275

ARH 289

ARH 294

ARH 305

ARH 310

ARH 345

ARH 370

ARH 394

ARH 489

ARH 494










1.  The graduate will be prepared for entry into post baccalaureate degree programs in visual art.





























































































































2.  The graduate will possess a strong foundation and understanding of the elements and principles of art/design and will gain an appreciation of major art movements and artists of the past and present.





























































































































3.  The graduate will have developed strong technical competencies in at least two studio disciplines.





























































































































4.  The graduate will have the ability to exhibit professionally.































































































































5.  The graduate will be an effective spokesperson and advocate for art both within the various art disciplines and within the community.





























































































































6.  The graduate will gain an awareness of the creative potential of the new technologies such as computer imaging.





























































































































7.  The graduate will be exposed to a wide range of intellectual diversity.















































































































































































E   Exams

























H  Homework

























R  Reports

























P  Papers

























V  Revisions

























O  Oral report/discussion

























S  Self-assessed (Student Survey)

























TBA  To be assessed

























?  No Course Charter

























C  Classroom only