The University of Maine at Augusta, in collaboration with Maine Instrument Flight, is excited to announce the September 2013 launch of a new Bachelor’s of Science in Aviation. For the first time in Maine, students can attain their Bachelor’s degree and become an FAA certified commercial pilot under one program.


UMAir Aviation

UMA BS in Aviation Program Minimum Flight Training Costs

Financial Disclosure
Course Ground School Pre/Post Flight Briefing ($50/Hr) Solo Beech Sport ($111/Hr) Dual Beech Sport ($161/Hr) Dual Cessna Skyhawk ($168/Hr) Solo Beech Sierra ($166/Hr) Dual Beech Sierra ($216/Hr) Dual Beech Baron ($596/Hr) Minimum Hours Required Course Related Fees Total Minimum Cost
Private Pilot $300 13 Hrs $650 16 Hrs* $1,776 20 Hrs $3,220         49 $620 $6,566.00
Instrument Rating $300 14.5 Hrs $725 1 Hour* $111 35 Hrs $5,635         50.5 $514 $7,285.00
Commercial Pilot, Part I $300 for I & II 7.5 Hrs $375 40 Hrs $4,440 13 Hrs $2,093         60.5 $679 (Total for both I & II) $7,887.00
Commercial Pilot, Part II $0 21.5 Hrs $1,075 25 Hrs $2,775 20 Hrs $3,220   1 Hour* $166 12 Hrs $2,592 11 Hrs $6,556 90.5   $16,384.00
Instructor & Instrument Instructor
$300 15 Hrs $750 1 Hour* $111 25.5 Hrs $4,106 1 Hour $168 3 Hrs** $498 13.5 Hrs $2,916   59 $979 $9,828.00
Estimated Minimum Hours:  
Total Minimum Costs for Flight Training:  

*Private, Instrument, Commercial, & Instrument Instructor: Includes one hour solo rental for the practical test.
**Flight Instructor: Includes three hours solo rental for the practical test.
Important Note: The total costs in the chart above are based on the minimum flight hours required.

Most students will require additional program flight hours


Annual Insurance Costs: Required

  • Personal Health Insurance: Students are required to submit proof of health and accident insurance which does not exclude injury occurring while on private aircraft. UMA is negotiating group insurance for Aviation students; should that become available announcements will be made. At present, cost of such coverage is estimated at $2000 per year.
  • International students must show proof of coverage from a United States-based insurance provider, with major medical coverage, as a condition of enrollment.
  • Aircraft Renters’ Insurance: $535 (2013 actuals)

Future Cost Changes: The financial requirements of the University, changing costs including those related to flight training, State and legislative action, and many other matters may require an adjustment in charges and expenses. The University reserves the right to make such changes at any time. The applicant for this program acknowledges this by submission of an application for admission or by registration. Transcripts and/or other diplomas will be released after all monies due the University of Maine System are paid in full.


Course Related Fee DETAIL by Flight Instruction Level


  • Private Pilot Kit: $220*
  • CATS Computer FAA Knowledge Test: $150*
  • Flight Test Examiner’s Fee: $250

Total: $620


Instrument Rating:

  • Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Manual:  $85*
  • ASA Instrument FAA Test Prep: $22*
  • Instrument Rating Practical Test Standards: $7
  • CATS Computer FAA Knowledge Test: $150*
  • Flight Test Examiner’s Fee: $250

Total: $514


Commercial Pilot (Parts I & II):

  • ASA Commercial FAA Test Prep: $22*
  • Commercial Pilot’s Practical Test Standards: $7
  • CATS Computer FAA Knowledge Test: $150*
  • Flight Test Examiner’s Fee: $500 (Two required)   

Total: $679


Flight Instructor & Instrument Instructor:

  • ASA Instructor FAA Test Prep: $22*
  • CATS Computer FAA Knowledge Tests: $450* (Three required)                                   
  • CFII Practical Test Standards: $7
  • Flight Test Examiner’s Fee: $500 (Two required)

Total $979

*Expenses that are normally incurred during the ground training course.



  • FY 14: Estimated Full-Time In-state Tuition PLUS Non-Aviation Fees: $7448 per year
  • UMA Academic Course Costs For Four Years (121 credits): $7448 x 4 = $29,792

IMPORTANT NOTE: these costs do not include living, travel or housing expenses



Using FAA minimum flight training times is:

  • UMA academic costs: $29,792
  • Flight Training Costs at FAA minimum: $47,950
  • Insurance (Estimated for four years): $10,140

(based on minimum flight training times)



Based on  what we know today (February 2013) regarding federal aid funding levels and a program cost of approximately $87,882 for direct education expenses, federal and institutional financial aid could cover anywhere from 31% to 50% depending on whether the student is independent or dependent and the family's Expected Family Contribution (EFC).  Note here that the total cost above is based on minimum hours for flight training completion.

In the federal loan programs, an independent student would also be eligible to borrow up to $57,500 for the length of their undergraduate degree (assuming they have not utilized funds at a previous education institution).

A student could borrow private education loans to cover expenses not covered by federal/Institutional aid. 

Veterans’ Benefits may cover 100% of Academic and Flight Training Costs. Check with your VA Advisor about whether you can qualify.