We Live In Designed Environments

We Enrich Lives


Because we live and work in designed environments, we must be aware that each space we design influences the experience of activity for which that space was designed. This timeless process goes on with every space we inhabit over time, and even in new spaces that we have just begun to experience. Whether we realize it or not, all spaces affect us socially and psychologically to some extent. The designer must understand that every space he or she designs has that effect on others and design responsibly.

The design of space will affect the quality of “activity satisfaction” (the reason for which the space was designed). Part of the design philosophy in our instruction is to make the student aware of his or her vital responsibility to those for whom they design, and to create the highest and best experience and satisfaction of activity.

At UMA/ARC, we strongly believe that space affects life as space affects behavior.

With developed skills in designing effectively with Space, Scale, Light and Intention, a student designer can conceive and present spaces that enrich the lives of those who use them.