"December Poem"
Ellen M. Taylor

In this season of winter,
snow blankets fields,
brows of barns, boughs of trees.
Mailboxes, backyard grills,
well-houses are all topped
with winter white.
In the season of winter,
we celebrate Christ’s arrival,
mangered and star-lit;
Hanukkah’s miracle
of eight oil-lit days;
Kwanzaa’s feasts and fruits.
In the season of winter,
throngs of shoppers descend
on Walmart, Best Buy, Sears;
strings of lights hang on doorways,
house frames, trees, fences, gigantic
homemade crucifixes.
In the season of winter,
we’re given herds of inflatable reindeer,
Santas, snowmen – some with plastic
crystal balls, others smoking pipes,
holiday parties, egg nogs, Yankee swaps,
Secret Santas, more junk mail and mistletoe.
In the season of winter,
we would all do well, to step outside
into the night, into the quiet whispers
of wind, the dialogue of snowflakes,
the laughter of the stars,
and pray to God, or Allah, or whatever
goddess or garden gnome we choose,
for Goodwill to All,
Peace on Earth.