If you’d like to combine a firm foundation in the liberal arts with an emphasis in the sciences, our Biology program is for you. Our courses in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics will guide you toward advanced work in the biological sciences, while science electives will enable you to build expertise in an area of special interest.

Degree Offered: B.A. in Biology
Offered on the Augusta campus

Sponsored by the Science Faculty of the University of Maine at Augusta


All are invited to the 11th Annual Lecture in Biology

Thursday, April 18, noon - 1:00pm

138 Randall Student Center, Augusta Campus

This lecture will be broadcast live to the Bangor Campus. Room TBD


Speaker:  Dr. Dorothy Klimis-Zacas.   

Lecture Topic: Slow Food and Its Health Benefits-----From Farm to Healthy Body


The lecture is followed by a luncheon for BA Biology majors with the science faculty.


Speakers:  Christopher Lage, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology & Peter Milligan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology 

Topic:  Effects of Turkeys on Maine Agriculture


Speaker: Kenneth Lombard, MD.

Topic:  Chiildhood Obesity.

Watch Dr. Lomabard's lecture.


Speaker: David W.Towansend, Ph.D., Professor of Oceanography, University of Maine

Topic: Red Tide and its Effect on Maine's Shellfish


Speaker: Dr. Robert Steneck, University of Maine professor of oceanography, marine biology, and marine policy

Topic: Brave New World: Global climate change, fishing and the future of our blue planet 


Speaker:Dr. Stephen Sears, MD, Vice President of Medical Administration at Mercy Hospital

Topic: Superbugs: The Problem of Drug Resistant Bacteria


Speaker: Laurent Beauregard, PhD, Associate Director of the Maine Institute for Human Genetics and Health

Topic:Cancer Families: The Influence of Genetics on Cancer Risk


Speaker: Dr. Andrew Pelletier, MD, MPH, Medical Epidemiologist Maine CDC

Topic: Pandemic Influenza


Speaker: Brian Kramer, PhD, Research Associate Robert Woods Johnson Medical School

Topic: Stem Cell Research and Parkinson’s Disease


Speaker: Dr. Margaret Greenwald, MD, Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Maine

Topic: Forensic Science in Maine: The Role of the Medical Examiner


Speaker: Dr. Dora Anne Mills, MD, MPH, Maine Director of Public Health

Topic: Emerging Issues in Biology; Terrorism and Obesity!