If you’d like to combine a firm foundation in the liberal arts with an emphasis in the sciences, our Biology program is for you. Our courses in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics will guide you toward advanced work in the biological sciences, while science electives will enable you to build expertise in an area of special interest.

Degree Offered: B.A. in Biology
Offered on the Augusta campus

Biology Faculty

Susan Baker
Susan O. Baker, MEd
Science Coordinator
Sheila Bennett
Sheila K. Bennett, PhD


Christopher Lage
Christopher Lage, PhD
Peter Milligan
Peter Milligan, PhD


Adjunct Biology Faculty

  • Donna Gronros
  • Christopher Montagna
  • Hilary Grover
  • Theodore Lane
  • Elaine Katz
  • Margaret Mueller Shore
  • Gretchen Noyes-Hull
  • James Guillimette