Are you an RN looking to expand your horizons, both in how you care for others and how you care for yourself? With a holistic focus and approach, UMA's BS Completion Program (RN-BS) will expose you to new ways of caring, while preparing you for exciting new career opportunities and graduate level study.

RN-BS via hybrid and online course offerings.

Reiki Session with Dr. Clark

BSN Awards Ceremony

Keynote Speaker On May 7, 2014, we held our annual Senior Celebration Ceremony honoring our 12 RN- BSN graduates.  Each student was honored through participating in the Nightingale Candlelighting Ceremony, a tradition that has been passed on to us from Nursing’s Living Legend Dr. Jean Watson. Two distinguished students were also honored: Shelia Roy, BSN, RN and Denise Worcester, BSN RN. Ms. Roy was recognized for her role modeling of self-care and her ability to create meaningful change in her practice setting. Ms. Worcester was also recognized for her self-care efforts, service to UMA through being a student representative to the nursing program meetings, and capacity for leadership. Ms. Worcester recently published her leadership paper entitled  “Burnout and the registered nurse: The implications of leadership style” in the ANA Maine Journal Spring 2014 edition. The article can be read here: http://www.nursingald.com/uploads/publication/pdf/1016/Maine_Nurse_5_14.pdf

All of the graduating students presented their final projects from the Senior Seminar Capstone class, with the topics ranging from adverse childhood events and the potential impact these have on the profession of nursing, to whistleblowing in the clinical setting. Additionally, the students shared their work around self-care. In the capstone course, the students are learn about the work of the Henry-Benson Institute around the importance of the relaxation response and in addition to setting measurable self-care goals, the students focus on learning about mindfulness practices for health and healing.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2014! We look forward to learning about your future endeavors as leaders in the holistic nursing field!