BUA 101 Financial Accounting for Management Decision Making

An introductory course emphasizing the understanding of financial statements. Students will learn how to prepare, read, interpret, analyze and communicate financial information for making business decisions. Topics covered include a user perspective of the balance sheet, income statement, equity statement, cash flows statement, and their related accounts. Prerequisite: MAT 030 or permission of the instructor

10162 Financial Accounting for Management Decision Making Rowell 3
12122 Financial Accounting for Management Decision Making Theriault-Perkins 3 (Meets 10/10-11/30)


BUA 223 Principles of Management

(This course is cross-listed with JUS 223 and POS 223) A comprehensive study of management in public and private sectors. The influence of human, social and political factors is integrated with treatment of managers structural and technical processes. Analyses focus on such theories as planning, controlling, decision making, organizational design, administrative skills, communications and information systems. It is recommended that ENG 101 be taken prior to or concurrently with this course.

(Online Class, Delayed Viewing OK, No Permission Needed) 14316 Principles of Management Bean 3