Business Administration

Acquire a broad knowledge of modern business and management with an opportunity to concentrate in Accounting, Financial Services, Management, Small Business, or Public Administration. The Bachelor’s Program lays the groundwork for a managerial career, offering targeted courses where you can focus on your specific professional goals.

Degrees offered: B.S, B.A. or A.S.
Offered in Augusta, Bangor, at sites statewide and online

Business Administration


UMA offers both the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and the Associate of Science in Business Administration.

As a candidate for the Associate Degree, you will acquire a broad knowledge of modern business and management theories and practices through a carefully structured curriculum enhanced by courses in the liberal arts.

As a student in our Bachelor’s Program, you’ll be prepared to assume a managerial position upon graduation. The program will provide you with a broad knowledge of modern business and management theories, through a carefully structured core curriculum consisting of courses in finance, accounting, economics, strategic management, legal and social issues, management, operations research, marketing, and computer information systems. In addition, you’ll acquire a broad cultural background by taking courses in the arts, English, humanities, and social and natural sciences.

As a Business Administration Major, you will also get to choose a major in either management or accounting; students in the management major may also elect a concentration in Public Administration, Computer Information Systems, Financial Services, or Small Business.


Skills You'll Aquire

Students in UMA’s Business programs develop a wide array of marketable skills including self-confidence, cultural awareness, written and oral communication expertise, critical thinking, technical accounting, and analytical and managerial abilities. In addition, a working knowledge of computers, spreadsheets, small business practices and accounting principles have contributed to the success of Business Program graduates in such fields as marketing, management, tax accounting, and auditing. Below are just some of the skills you’ll develop in our program.

Public speaking
Supervising others
Hiring and training others
Persuading others
Writing reports
Explaining information to others
Using spreadsheets
Managing information systems
Understanding legal concepts
Preparing financial statements
Computing tax information
Applying statistical procedures
Developing budgets
Interpreting numerical data
Projecting/forecasting results
Utilizing accounting systems
Evaluating policies
Determining cost/benefit ratios
Making investments
Evaluating and interpreting data
Organizational planning
Understanding market dynamics

Careers You Can Seek

Business students are prepared to succeed in a wide range of positions. The following list of occupations offers a glimpse of opportunities pursued by our Business majors.

Financial ServicesPublic Sector
Bank Loan Officer
Tax Preparer
Financial Planner
Commodities Trader
Certified Public Accountant
City Clerk
Internal Revenue Service Agent
City Accounting Assistant
Medicare Office Manager
Hospital Administrator*
Financial Aid Advisor
Retail Buyer
Auto Dealership Sales Manager
Cost Accountant
Franchise Sales Director
Accounts Payable Office Manager
Insurance Agent Benefits Specialist
Real Estate Sales/Broker
Executive Secretary
Marketing Research Assistant
Credit Manager
Telemarketing Sales Director
Human Resources Manager

* Graduate level study is generally required for these occupations.