Information regarding the offerings of UMA Senior College may be requested at any time:

UMASC Office Phone Number: 621-3551 (Record your message)

UMASC E-Mail Address:

Mail Address:

University of Maine at Augusta Senior College
46 University Drive
Augusta, ME 04330


Office Location:

Farmhouse Building, Room 110A


Acknowledging that:

  • Intellectual stimulation is essential to the vital trilogy of MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT,
  • More than 3,000 seniors reside in the central Maine area, and
  • Maine seeks to become an attractive retirement state

UMASC seeks to:

  • Remain a part of The University of Maine at Augusta as a self-governing and self-sustaining college which initiates, prepares, promotes, presents, and evaluates courses.
  • Operate under the UMASC Board of Directors and through a structure of functional committees.
  • Reach out and appeal to the growing senior population.
  • Be accessible financially and physically to all seniors who wish to attend.
  • Provide scholarships so that inability to pay is no barrier to participation.
  • Offer a wide variety of academically oriented courses and special activities reflecting the interests of its students.
  • Conduct classes on the campus and other approved facilities in the area.
  • Insure appropriate staffing, mainly through volunteers, for all activities.
  • Through service, learning, and outreach, enhance the overall quality of life for a wide range of people.

The mission of the University of Maine at Augusta Senior College (UMASC) is to provide intellectually stimulating learning opportunities and special activities for persons 50 years of age and older and their spouses and partners (members' spouses and/or partners do not have to be over 50). Participants are encouraged not only to become members and register for the courses, but also to join in the effort to plan for the future as UMASC evolves and expands to meet the interests of the community. UMASC operates in partnership with The University of Maine at Augusta that hosts UMASC on its campus.

For more information, call 621-3551 or e-mail