Computer Information Systems

Immerse yourself in core courses that provide the basic technology skills that will prepare you for more advanced theory and technology training in programming, database administration, systems analysis, networking, and Web design and development.

Degrees Offered:  AS, BS, & Post Bac in CIS
Offered in Augusta, Bangor, at sites statewide and online




Post Baccalaureate in Computer Information Systems

The Post Baccalaureate in Computer Information Systems is a bachelor's degree available to students who currently hold a baccalaureate degree in another academic field. It is designed to meet the needs of individuals who originally prepared in another discipline, but who now desire a credential that will support a career in information science (IS) and/or technology (IT).  This is an ideal option for those students who want to make a career change or to learn contemporary computing skills to meet the changing IT demands of their current position.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems is an applied computing degree whose graduates will be prepared for careers as programmers, information system developers, and information technology managers. Based on national contemporary information systems curriculum (IS '2002/IS2010'), the UMA curriculum provides a core of computer science and discrete mathematics, hardware and operating systems, networking, management information systems, information systems modeling, database design, application development, management of information technology, and the impact of computing on culture.

The program offers an internship component to provide real-world work experience desired by employers for students without previous information technology experience.

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