COM 102 Interpersonal Communications

Concerned with verbal and nonverbal communication that takes place among individuals during interpersonal interaction. Typical areas of concern are perceiving others, presenting one's self, conversation and barriers to communication. Activities may include games, exercises and role playing.

25146 Buckmaster 3

COM 104 Communication in Groups and Organizations

An overview of the purposes and effects of communication in groups and organizations. Practical experience in interviewing and participation in various types of discussions.

25147 Pare-Peters 3

COM 475 Analyzing Social Media

This course is a venue for learning and deploying research techniques in social media, the online systems for collaborative association and communication. The kinds of interaction and communities made possible by different forms of social media are explored. Skills are developed for measuring social media use and determining when online objectives have been met. Prerequisite: COM/SOC 375 and SSC 320. Credit Hours: 3. Cross-listed with SOC 475.

25460 Cook 3