COM 101 Public Speaking

Instruction in preparation and delivery of speeches to an audience. The student is graded on the choice and phrasing of the subject, the selection and arrangement of the material, the adaptation to the audience and the delivery. Usually each student gives four to six speeches during the semester.

12803 Public Speaking T 01:00PM-03:45PM Waugh 3
12804 Public Speaking W 09:00AM-11:45AM Roy 3
12805 Public Speaking TH 04:00PM-06:45PM Buckmaster 3

12834 Public Speaking MW 10:30AM-11:50AM Batty 3
12833 Public Speaking TTH 02:30PM-03:50PM Batty 3

13026 Public Speaking T 07:00PM-09:45PM Moro 3

12925 Public Speaking M 09:00AM-11:45AM Peterson Cyr 3


COM 102 Interpersonal Communications

Concerned with verbal and nonverbal communication that takes place among individuals during interpersonal interaction. Typical areas of concern are perceiving others, presenting one's self, conversation and barriers to communication. Activities may include games, exercises and role playing.

09642 Interpersonal Communications W 07:00PM-09:45PM Pare-Peters 3

12839 Interpersonal Communications MW 07:30AM-08:50AM Colbath 3
12836 Interpersonal Communications MW 01:00PM-02:20PM Hunter 3
12835 Interpersonal Communications TTH 07:00PM-08:20PM Cloud 3
12838 Interpersonal Communications T 09:00AM-11:45AM Trimble 3
12837 Interpersonal Communications TH 01:00PM-03:45PM Trimble 3
09643 Interpersonal Communications W 07:00PM-09:45PM Pare-Peters 3

12899 Interpersonal Communications T 09:00AM-11:45AM Slack 3

12909 Interpersonal Communications M 09:00AM-11:45AM Trimble 3

13037 Interpersonal Communications F 09:00AM-11:45AM Peterson Cyr 3

12926 Interpersonal Communications W 01:00PM-03:45PM Merckens 3

13288 Interpersonal Communications W 09:00AM-11:45AM Slack 3

South Paris
13376 Interpersonal Communications TH 04:00PM-06:45PM Peterson Cyr 3

(ITV Receive Class - Delayed Viewing OK, No Permission Needed)
Interpersonal Communications W 07:00PM-09:45PM Pare-Peters 3

09644 Bath/Brunswick
11842 Bethel
11809 Bucksport
11810 Calais
11811 Deer Isle
11832 Dover-Foxcroft/Penquis
11813 East Millinocket
11814 East Sullivan
11812 Ellsworth/Hancock
11822 Fairfield
11826 Farmington
11830 Fort Kent
11816 Greenville
11817 Houlton
11815 Hutchinson Center
11838 Island Falls - Delayed Viewing
11818 Jackman - Delayed Viewing
11841 Jay - Spruce Mountain Adult Ed
11820 Kingfield - Delayed Viewing
11821 Lewiston-Auburn
11824 Lincoln
11843 Machias
11825 Mount Desert
11829 Newport
11828 North Haven - Delayed Viewing
11833 Presque Isle
11834 Rangeley - Delayed Viewing
11835 Rockland
11836 Rumford/Mexico
11823 S Berwick - Delayed Viewing
11837 Saco/Biddeford
11839 Sanford
11819 Sherman Station
11840 Skowhegan
11848 South Paris
11827 Thorndike - Delayed Viewing
11844 Van Buren - Delayed Viewing
11845 Vinalhaven - Delayed Viewing
11846 Winthrop
11847 Wiscasset

09367 Interpersonal Communications Buckmaster 3


COM 104 Communication in Groups and Organizations

An overview of the purposes and effects of communication in groups and organizations. Practical experience in interviewing and participation in various types of discussions.

12807 Communication in Groups and Organizations M 09:00AM-11:45AM Roy 3

09368 Communication in Groups and Organizations Pare-Peters 3


COM 106 Oral Communication of Literature

(This course is cross listed with DRA106.) An introductory course in the techniques of selecting, preparing and delivering written materials in oral presentation to an audience. A brief review of the oral tradition in literature is also included.

12342 Oral Communication of Literature M 09:00AM-11:45AM Pitcher 3


COM 305 Argumentation and Debate

A lecture-discussion-performance course in analysis, development, strategy, and tactics of rational discourse. Theoretical emphasis is upon the uses of evidence and logic as tools of inquiry and
advocacy. Students will speak in a variety of argumentative situations. Prerequisite: COM101, PHI103, or permission of instructor.

13040 Argumentation and Debate W 04:00PM-06:45PM Moro 3


COM 317 Mass Media

This course provides an overview of a central influence in todays world: mass media. Their history, contemporary functioning, and future possibilities are considered. Their types (both print and electronic), systematic variations, career possibilities, regulations, and influences are examined. Prerequisite: SOC 101

09369 Mass Media Waugh 3


COM 375 Social Networks

An introduction to the essentials of social network theory and the methods of social network analysis, the study of patterns in communication and affiliation. Online, in groups, and friends, you are who you know. Prerequisite: SOC 101 or COM 205 or PSY 205. 3 Credits (this course is cross listed with Soc 375)

09370 Social Networks Cook 3