Regular Session

5/20/13 - 8/23/13

COM 317 Mass Media                                                           

This course provides an overview of a central influence in todays world: mass media. Their history, contemporary functioning, and future possibilities are considered. Their types (both print and electronic), systematic variations, career possibilities, regulations, and influences are examined. Prerequisite: SOC 101

03605 Waugh 3


First 7-Wk Session

5/20/13 - 7/5/13               

COM 205 Forms of Social Influence                                                              

(This course is cross listed with PSY205.) An assessment of the process whereby humans influence other humans to voluntarily believe or do what they wish them to believe or do: primary emphasis is the interpersonal exchange. Forms include modeling, requesting, bargaining, persuading, demanding, conditioning, group influence, and coercion. Media and written persuasion are also considered. Student performance is a part of this course. Prerequisite: COM101, 102, 104 or 106, or permission

03655 McCue-Herlihy 3