CIS 100 Introduction to Computing

This course presents computing concepts and technology, and introduces students to productivity applications used in the work place, such as E-mail, the Internet, word-processing, spreadsheets, database management systems, and presentation graphics. Students acquire skills by means of intensive, hands-on work in a computer laboratory. Students can take a CLEP test to waive CIS 100. Prerequisite: The basic skills listed in the CIS 001 course description are assumed.

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CIS 101 Introduction to Computer Science

This course provides an overview of computer science. Topics include algorithms, structured programming, expression evaluation, information coding, computer operations, software, networking, the object-based paradigm, the relational model, the information systems development life cycle, and human and organizational factors in information systems. CIS 101 is a foundation course for the CIS degree and a prerequisite to other core courses. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: MAT 111 or successful placement testing. Students are assumed to have the equivalent of CIS 001.

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CIS 131 Web Applications and Development

A practical, hands-on introduction to the design and development of a web site, this course introduces students with little to no experience in web scripting to the concepts, syntax, and structure of XHTML.The course will also include an introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), an important presentation initiative, and Universal Design, the process of incorporating accessible design features into web pages.The final project-based assignment will assess the comprehensive process of designing, developing, and publishing a personal or professional site on a web server.Prerequisites: CIS 100 or equivalent computer skills or permission of the instructor.3 cr.

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CIS 135 Introduction to Information Systems and Applications Development

This course provides an introduction to information systems development, including topics such as object-oriented development and relational databases. As a result of taking this course, students will be able to develop a small office application by adapting an office productivity package, such as a database and/or spreadsheet, and integrating Web technology. Students will work both individually and in groups to specify requirements and develop solutions that enhance productivity and managerial decision making. Prerequisite: MAT 111 or successful placement testing. Students are assumed to have the equivalent of CIS 100.

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25130 Kokoska 3

CIS 212 Introduction to Visual Basic Programming

In this introductory programming concepts course, students will gain an understanding of logic, flow control, and object-oriented structures as well as hands-on experience in developing interfaces, objects, and controls using a variety of design approaches.Visual Basic introduces and applies concepts of object-oriented, event-driven, structured programming to create end-user mobile, web, office, and database applications.Prerequisites:CIS 210 or permission of the instructor.3Cr

25695 TH 04:00PM-06:45PM Jolda 3

CIS 214 Introduction to Java Programming

This course is an introduction to O-O programming using JAVA. The course has a structured laboratory component. Students will learn to design and implement a graphical user interface and be introduced to Internet programming. Prerequisite: CIS 210 or permission of the instructor

25131 Whitsel 3

CIS 215 Intro to C++ Programming Staff

This course presents an introduction to the object oriented version of the C programming language, C++. The course will address object-oriented program design issues, as well as the tools and techniques of application of C++. Students will read and write programs dealing with data structures and a variety of other topics. Prerequisites: CIS 210 (Programming Concepts) or permission of instructor.

29111 Staff 3

CIS 220 Information Technology: Hardware and Systems Software

This course provides in-depth coverage of computer, network and operating systems principles found in computing systems. Topics include systems architecture for single-user, central and networked computer systems; and structure of single and multi-user operating systems. Prerequisite: CIS 101

25132 Goodridge 3

CIS 240 Networking Concepts

This course provides an introduction to telecommunications and networking. Topics covered include basic terms, concepts, equipment, protocols, and standards; network evolution and architecture; public and local networks; data security; the economics of network communication; network services; and the impact of data networks. Prerequisite: CIS 101 or permission of instructor

25138 Felch 3

CIS 303 Management Information Systems

(This course is cross-listed with Bua 303) This course emphasizes the use of information technology in managing organizations. Topics include fundamentals of MIS, decision theory, problem solving, information systems development from the managers perspective, MIS applications, competitive uses of information technology, information resource management, and electronic commerce. The management case approach will be used to analyze MIS situations. Prerequisite: CIS 100 or CIS 101 or CIS 135, and BUA/JUS/POS 223, or permission of instructor.

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CIS 330 Systems Analysis

This course provides the study of methods used in analyzing needs for information and specifying requirements for an application system.Topics covered include the concept of the system life-cycle, the iterative nature of the process of analysis and design, and the traditional and object-based methodology for developing a logical specification for a system.Prerequisites: CIS 303.

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CIS 333 Web Programming: PHP

This hands on course is designed to provide the student with a theoretical foundation and applied skills required to use PHP as a Web publishing and data management tool.Functional examples and comprehensive hands on lab activities will reinforce the concepts presented and will demonstrate how PHP and MySQL go hand in hand to dynamically generate e-commerce Web sites. Prerequisite: CIS 131 and CIS 212

25140 Kokoska 3


This course provides in-depth coverage of the TCP/IP network protocol and also covers distributed network applications, both on local area (LAN) and wide-area (WAN) networks. Prerequisite: CIS240 or permission of the instructor

25698 TH 04:00PM-06:45PM Backman 3

CIS 350 Database Design and Management

This course covers the implementation of information systems through database design and use of a database management system. The course examines database models, such as the relational, entity-relationship and object-oriented database models, as well as how to administer shared data. Prerequisite: MAT280 and CIS330 or permission of the instructor

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CIS 352 Data Visualization

The use of visualization techniques to aid understanding, analysis of complexdata, and to information important decisions is increasingly employed by manydisciplines. This course will cover how to best represent different sets of datathrough: understanding human perception, careful analysis of data types, creation of visual representation techniques, and evaluation of information in its visualized format for cognitive understanding and implied meaning. Students will engage in visualization creation using different data sets, implementation protocols and techniques?to create basic presentations to more complex data visualizations. ?Topics covered include: basic issues in representation, encoding data, presentation challenges and different interaction frameworks. Prerequisite:CIS 1013 credits.

26159 M 04:00PM-06:45PM Precourt 3


CIS 360 Geographical Information Systems

This course is designed to discuss the various issues of using spatial data contained in information systems to aid decision makers. The use of a Geographical Information System (GIS) gives the user a valuable tool in the decision-making process by combining the power of the database with the power of a graphical presentation tool to identify trends and other information hidden within the information system. Topics include fundamental cartographic issues, properties of spatial data, processing spatial data, presentation of spatial information, and GIS operations. Prerequisite: CIS I 0 I or Permission of the instructor

25700 TH 04:00PM-06:45PM Bistrais 3


CIS 389 Web Content Management Systems (CMS)

This course will survey the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and provide practical experience in one of the most commonly used systems (i .e. Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress). Through assigned readings, discussion forums, PowerPoint presentations, and hands-on application training, the student will be introduced to the essential concepts of content management on the web and learn to use the tools related to web content management from an applied perspective. Prerequisite: CIS 131


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