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Our Core Values 
  • UMA/ARC is committed to involvement with the greater social and professional community
  • UMA/ARC is committed to instill in students the importance and use of Space, Scale, and Light in the design process
  • UMA/ARC is committed to hand drawing and physical model making as a means to best understand design technology, and the use of advanced computer programs to present these ideas to others
  • UMA/ARC is committed to the investigation and implementation of sustainable ideals
  • UMA/ARC is committed to a liberal and fine arts base for architectural education in light of today’s complex society that demands a well-rounded practitioner with knowledge beyond architecture
  • UMA/ARC is committed to designing with intention reflecting the awareness that there is a connection between designed space and the quality of the user’s experience, and that designed environments affect behavior
  • UMA/ARC is committed to its own academic growth and evolution in maintaining the high standards expected in professional degrees, and to a high standard of student work and faculty instruction toward that end
  • UMA/ARC program is committed to the values of mutual respect, cooperation and communication, creativity and innovation, the pursuit of excellence, effective communication, and diversity