Denise WorcesterMy nursing education began at UMA 10 years ago and I am now nearing completion of the RN-BSN program. Throughout my education, I have learned more than I can express about the art and science of nursing with both Dr. King and Dr. Clark. My education has far surpassed that which may be found in textbooks or within the clinical setting. The program’s emphasis on holism has been invaluable towards enriching my nursing experience, making me a better person and professional as I incorporate the teachings into my daily life and nursing practice. The concept of self-care that has been woven throughout the core curriculum teaches us that in order to be present, achieve excellence, and make the greatest difference in all aspects of the profession, we must first start with caring for ourselves.

As a practicing nurse returning to the academic setting, I am ever grateful for the consideration given to the development of the RN-BSN program. The online and hybrid courses have made it very reasonable to complete my degree while continuing to work full time. In addition, I feel the caring and support given to each student throughout the program is beyond compare. I believe anyone entering the program may be assured of receiving a solid foundation for future nursing practice as well as preparation for any advanced academic pursuits.

Denise Worcester, RN