DEH 200 Preclinical Dental Hygiene

Laboratory experiences in the techniques of instrumentation, manipulation of dental materials, operation, maintenance of chairside and support equipment, and data gathering procedures. (Pass/Fail Grade Only). Corequisite: DEH201. Corequisite: DEH201.

09101 Preclinical Dental Hygiene TTH 07:45AM-12:00PM Curtis 4


DEH 201 Preclinical Dental Hygiene Theory

Essentials of dental hygiene theory and clinical practice including instrumentation, disease transmission, infection control, materials and devices commonly used by dental hygienists, and management of medical emergencies. corequisite: DEH200. Prerequisite: Enrollment in Dental Hygiene Program and BIO210, 280, 321;, Corequisite: DEH200.

09102 Preclinical Dental Hygiene Theory TTH 01:00PM-04:00PM Curtis 5


DEH 202 Head & Neck Anatomy, Histology & Embryology

A study of the structure and function of the tissues of the oral cavity and surrounding structures. Prerequisite: BIO210 and enrollment in Dental Hygiene Program, or BIO210 and permission of instructor.

10334 Head & Neck Anatomy, Histology & Embryology W 08:00AM-12:00PM Lee 5
10337 Head & Neck Anatomy, Histology & Embryology LAB M 10:00AM-12:00PM Lee 0
10336 Head & Neck Anatomy, Histology & Embryology LAB M 01:00PM-03:00PM Lee 0


DEH 203 Dental Radiology

Topics include ionizing radiation, the history of x-rays, their production and properties, radiation measurement, radiation hazards and principles of radiation safety. Covers theory and practice of exposing, processing, mounting and interpreting dental radiographs. Prerequisite: Enrollment in Dental Health Program, or high school diploma with six months clinical dental office experience and instructor permission., Co-requisites: DEH 201 or DEA 101 and DEH 204.

(Receive Class) 14416 Dental Radiology W 01:00PM-03:00PM Bearor 2

(ITV Broadcast Class) 13959 Dental Radiology W 01:00PM-03:00PM Bearor 2


DEH 204 Dental Radiology Laboratory LAB

This course reinforces the radiology lecture content and provides student with laboratory, preclinical and clinical practice in exposing conventional and digital radiographs and developing proficiency with intraoral and panoramic radiographic techniques. The processing and mounting of conventional films is included, as is the practice of identifying normal radiographic anatomy and interpreting those conditions which indicate abnormality or disease. The principles of radiation hazards and safety are emphasized and practiced. Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Dental Health Programs, or high school diploma with 6 months of dental office experience and permission of instructor. Corequsites/Prerequisites: DEH 201 OR DEA 101 and DEH 203

09077 Dental Radiology Laboratory LAB M 05:00PM-09:00PM Staff 2

10320 Dental Radiology Laboratory LAB M 08:00AM-12:00PM Spearin 2
10318 Dental Radiology Laboratory LAB M 01:00PM-05:00PM Bearor 2
10321 Dental Radiology Laboratory LAB W 08:00AM-12:00PM Spearin 2
10319 Dental Radiology Laboratory LAB TH 01:00PM-05:00PM Bearor 2
10322 Dental Radiology Laboratory LAB F 08:00AM-12:00PM Staff 2
10323 Dental Radiology Laboratory LAB F 01:00PM-05:00PM Staff 2


DEH 213 Dental Materials

The study of various dental procedures, materials and devices commonly used in dental practice. Emphasis placed on the general composition of materials, their properties and manipulation. Corequisite: DEH217 for Assistants. Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Dental Health Program.,

10240 Dental Materials Furgeson 2


DEH 217 Dental Materials Lab LAB

(Dental Assisting Lab.) Corequisite: DEH213, DEA101.

10324 Dental Materials Lab LAB F 12:30PM-03:00PM Willis 2 , F 10:15AM-11:45AM Willis 2


DEH 300 Clinical Dental Hygiene II

A continuation of the practical application of dental hygiene theories and techniques with emphasis on selected advanced techniques. Students will have rotating assignments at the on-campus clinical facility and may have assignments at the V.A. Center Dental Clinic in Togus. (Pass/Fail Grade Only). Prerequisite: DEH203, DEH250, DEH251, DEH252, DEH253, DEH254, BIO321 Clinic: 12 hours

10325 Clinical Dental Hygiene II MW 08:00AM-05:00PM Blanchette 3, TH 01:00PM-05:00PM Blanchette 3


DEH 301 Clinical Dental Hygiene Theory II

A continuation of dental hygiene theories and techniques with emphasis on treatment of the periodontal patient, advanced data collection, and clinical skills. Prerequisite: DEH250, DEH251, DEH252, DEH254, BIO321, Corequisite: DEH300.

10326 Clinical Dental Hygiene Theory II T 10:00AM-12:00PM Lee 3
10327 Clinical Dental Hygiene Theory II LAB T 01:00PM-03:00PM Lee 0
10328 Clinical Dental Hygiene Theory II LAB T 03:00PM-05:00PM Lee 0


DEH 303 Periodontology

Clinical features, histopathology and diagnosis of various forms of periodontal disease and the philosophy of various surgical and nonsurgical periodontal treatments. Prerequisite: DEH250, DEH251, DEH252, DEH253, BIO321.

10329 Periodontology T 08:00AM-10:00AM Foster 2


DEH 304 Dental Anxiety & Pain Management

The study of local anesthetics with emphasis on appropriate selection and administration techniques used in dental hygiene. This course will provide the opportunity for students to integrate the knowledge and skills necessary to perform effective local anesthesia administration while insuring the maximum health, safety, and comfort of the patient. Administration of nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation for the dental hygiene patient is also included. Prerequisite: DEH202, DEH250, DEH252, DEH253, BIO210, CHY108, BIO321, Corequisite: DEH302. Lec 2 and Lab2 3Cr

10330 Dental Anxiety & Pain Management F 08:00AM-12:00PM Staff 3


DEH 305 Community Dentistry I

The study and application of current concepts in community oral health planning and health care practice, and the essentials of epidemiology, biostatistics, and action research. This course will provide a comprehensive study of fluoride and the various health methods of providing the community with fluoride on local, state, and national levels. Corequisite: DEH300.

10331 Community Dentistry I TH 10:00AM-12:00PM Foster 2


DEH 380 Preclinical Expanded Functions

Reviews the essentials of dental anatomy, basic chairside functions, and dental materials. Emphasis is placed on restorative dentistry for EFDA trained auxiliaries as governed by the Maine Dental Practice Act. Prerequisite: Admissions to EFDA curriculum. (4 hours lecture, 4 hours laboratory.) 6 cr.

10332 Preclinical Expanded Functions W 05:00PM-09:00PM Staff 6
10333 Preclinical Expanded Functions LAB F 12:30PM-04:30PM Staff 0