Student with ruler drawingSpace, Scale, Light, and Design with Intention

Our pedagogy is rooted in the fundamentals of architectural design, fundamentals that are all too often over-looked for current trends or flashy technology. The architecture curriculum at UMA stresses three major design areas: the awareness and facility of designing spatially, the knowledge for integration of scale into the design, and the power of light as the element that gives space its vitality and sensory content.  When these elements are combined with an intention – the basic theme behind the design – a work of architecture may emerge. 

Architecture Street ModelMuch as the intention is at the core of a design solution, so the use and teaching of Design with Intention is at the very core of what we teach.  We have created a curriculum that systematically breaks these essential elements into their basic components.  By giving students these skills, piece by piece, we help to educate designers that skillfully utilize these tools, clearly understand how they are intrinsically intertwined, and use them to support thoughtful and socially meaningful design intentions.


A further explaination of Space, Scale, Light and Intention can be found on these pages.