Teacher Preparation Programs

Thinking about a career in teaching?  Whether you’re interested in early childhood, elementary, secondary or special education, UMA either offers courses directly or works with other campuses to help you achieve your goals.

Teacher Preparation Programs



The University of Maine at Augusta provides a pathway to an Elementary Teacher endorsement (K-8) in partnership with the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Students enroll in either a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies or in an Interdisciplinary degree at UMA. Those in a BALS program declare a self-designed minor for Elementary Education. Those in an Interdisciplinary degree program declare a "major" in Elementary Education with concentrations in two other areas of study. UMPI provides online education courses that fulfill the State of Maine's certification requirements as well as an internship in student teaching. Students take at least 15 credits of UMPI education coursework through UMA in order to quality for the 12 credit student teaching internship. UMA provides the rest of the course work for the chosen degree.


UMA/UMPI Pathway to Elementary Education Certification Advising Guide (For Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies) 

Self-designed Minor for Elementary Education Form  (For Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies)

These check sheets indicate the course work one needs to complete in order to receive a degree in Liberal Studies and in order to be eligible for Maine teacher certification.



  • Enroll in the degree program. (Bachelor of Art in Liberal Studies with a self-designed minor in Elementary Education or Interdisciplinary Studies with a major in Elementary Education with two self-selected areas of concentration)

  • Complete Praxis™ Core Academic Skills for Educators. Test Code: 5751. Qualifying scores - Reading: 156; Writing: 162; Mathematics: 150. Applicants must achieve a composite score of 468 on the three sections of the Core Academic Skills for Educators with no single score on any section being more than three points lower than the required score of 468.  PRAXIS I scores will be accepted until 8.31.2018.
  • Complete six credit hours in each of the following: liberal arts English, liberal arts mathematics, liberal arts science, and liberal arts social studies (8 courses total). These liberal arts courses are required by the Maine Certification Rules for Elementary Teacher Endorsement. Note: Computer Science does not fulfill the liberal arts science requirement.
  • Enroll in an introductory Education course ; EDU 250 Foundations of Education or EDUP150 Exploring Education in Contemporary America
  • Begin portfolio aligned with the Maine Teaching Standards (InSTASC and NETS -T) (Documents should be added as you progress through courses.)
  • Complete all courses except student teaching
  • Apply for student teaching


UMPI Education Courses Offering Sequence
Use this guide to help you schedule these required courses. They fill up quickly. You will want to register for the courses you need as soon as registration becomes available. Some courses are also offered in summer sessions.
EDU 351 Teaching Elementary Reading
EDU 366 Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School
EDU 387 Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Classrooms
EDU 357 Children's Literature
EDU 361 Teaching Science in the Elementary School
EDU 371 Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School
  • Courses in Children's Literature (EDU 366 offered fall and spring) and Teaching the Exceptional Child in the Regular Classroom (EDU 387 offered fall and spring) are now available online through UMA.
  • EDU 250 Foundations of Education or equivalent (online, offered fall and spring) is required before advancing to upper level methods courses.
  • EDU 401 Educational Psychology (online, offered summer) is recommended as preparation for the PLT assessment.
  • EDU 380 Literacy and Technology Across the Curriculum  (online, offered fall and spring) is recommended to meet the state of Maine's emphasis on literacy and technology.

BEFORE ADVANCING TO EDU 495: STUDENT TEACHING  (required for certification)

  • Have a beginning portfolio that demonstrates understanding of the Maine Teaching Standards (This does not get sent to UMPI. You will take this with you to your student teaching position and will be completed during the practicum)
  • Complete and/or be enrolled in required education courses  and all degree requirements except EDU 495
  • Have a minimum 2.5 overall GPA. Required UMPI education courses count towards your overall GPA.
  • Apply to UMPI (jack.stewart@umpi.edu  207.768.9430 - the semester before you wish to student teach.)  
  • Application packet should include 
    • the application form
    • an autobiography that serves to introduce you to your cooperating teacher
    • signature of UMA advisor or Coordinator of Teacher Certification at UMA indicating your eligibility to student teach
    • copies of PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II passing scores.
    • evidence of MDOE fingerprinting and criminal check
    • proof of immunizations
    • DUE DATE: SEPTEMBER 30 (for spring), JANUARY 31 (for fall).

  • Complete baccalaureate degree completing UMA BALIB essential requirements.(see check sheet)
  • Receive a passing score on student teaching practicum.