ENG 101 College Writing

Intensive practice in expository writing with reading of illustrative materials. Required of all students. Prerequisite: ENG005 with a grade of C or better or passing grade on diagnostic tests and REA008 with a grade of C or better or passing grade on diagnostic tests.

09376 College Writing Ludders 3


ENG 102W Introduction to Literature

This course introduces the fundamentals of literary analysis through an examination of poetry, fiction, and drama. Students will sharpen their critical reading ability and learn a wide range of literary terms and concepts. They will employ this knowledge in formal essays, informal writing and class discussion. Prerequisite: ENG 101.

09377 Introduction to Literature Curtin 3
12136 Introduction to Literature Ludders 3 (Meets 10/10-11/30)
13960 Introduction to Literature Ludders 3
14424 Introduction to Literature Ruddy 3


ENG 111W Journalism

Instruction and practice in developing, reporting and writing news stories. Emphasis on accuracy, style and editorial responsibility. Prerequisite: ENG 101

09378 Journalism Adams 3


ENG 202W Survey of British Literature I:Beowolf to the Romantics

The course is a survey designed to foster close study and appreciation of major works of poetry, prose and drama from the medieval period through eighteenth century. Discussion will focus on individual texts and on their cultural and historical background. Prerequisite: ENG102W

09379 Survey of British Literature I:Beowolf to the Romanti Kellerman 3


ENG 317W Professional Writing

Covers gathering, organizing, and presenting technical information using standard business and professional formats, such as business correspondence, informal and formal reports, instructions, and others. Communication technology typical of the contemporary workplace is used. Prerequisite: ENG 101

13963 Professional Writing Schneider 3


ENG 489 Topics in Literature: Race & Ethnicity In 20th Century

Race and Ethnicity in American Literature and Culture.  While we often consider America the "melting pot" or even the "salad bowl," race and ethnicity have had contested meanings and applications throughout U.S. history; these meanings have often been constructed and contested through literature.  This course aims for a better understanding of these important concepts and considers the various meanings of race and ethnicity in U.S. culture explored in and through a variety of literary and cultural texts.  Prerequisite: ENG 300W or AME 201W or permission of instructor.  3 CR.

14550 Topics in Literature Hentges 3
Additonal Notes: This class is a video stream of the live class. Students do not need to obtain the instructor’s permission to participate in this delayed viewing section.