ENG 10 Writing Improvement

A developmental course designed for students whose writing placement assessment or performance in ENG 005 indicates the need for further instruction before taking ENG 101. Expository writing is emphasized; attention to individual writing needs is given. Credits for this course do not fulfill degree requirements.


25157 Sychterz 3
25158 Ludders 3
25159 Jordan 3
25160 Leo 3

ENG 102W Introduction to Literature

This course introduces the fundamentals of literary analysis through an examination of poetry, fiction, and drama. Students will sharpen their critical reading ability and learn a wide range of literary terms and concepts. They will employ this knowledge in formal essays, informal writing and class discussion. Prerequisite: ENG 101.

25161 Curtin 3
25162 Ruddy 3
28892 Ludders 3

ENG 111W Journalism

Instruction and practice in developing, reporting and writing news stories. Emphasis on accuracy, style and editorial responsibility. Prerequisite: ENG 101

25163 Adams 3


ENG 317W Professional Writing

Covers gathering, organizing, and presenting technical information using standard business and professional formats, such as business correspondence, informal and formal reports, instructions, and others. Communication technology typical of the contemporary workplace is used. Prerequisite: ENG 101


25164 Ludders 3
25165 Schneider 3

ENG 335W Native American Literature

In this course students will be introduced to works by Penobscot, Kiowa, Cree, Lakota, Navvaho, Coeur d'Alene, etc. writers. The class will discuss what it means to be labeled Native American, Indian or Aborigine. The class will look at the clash of cultures between Europeans and the peoples with whom they came intro contact in what came to be the United States. The class will also look at the distinct cultures covered by the label "Native American". We will discuss the use and abuse of stereotype.

25166 Retzlaff 3

ENG 351W Creative Writing

This workshop-based course focuses on students short stories and poems.Workshops consist of in-class analysis and critique.Revision techniques will be emphasized.Final portfolio required. Prerequisite:ENG 102w

25168 Taylor 3


ENG 366 Children & Young Adult Literature

(Crosslisted with EDU 366)This course is designed to help students become familiar with the world of children's and/or young adult literature and to explore its curricular and recreational uses, critical issues surrounding its use, and instructional methods and contexts for sharing, encouraging, and reading a variety of this literature with students. Prerequisite: ENG 101

25730 Dean 3