MojcaFulbright Scholar from University of Ljubljana Teaching at UMA this Semester

Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Mojca Krevel of University of Ljubljana in Slovenia has arrived at UMA for the semester.  During her stay, she will be teaching a mini-session course called, Postmodern American Fiction (ENG 389).  The course will show students how the changing of the modern age to the postmodern age has been coming to effect in the development of American fiction after WW2.

Krevel is an associate professor of literatures in English at the English Department of the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, where she teaches various courses on English and American fiction. Her research is focused on those phenomena in recent American prose, which correspond to the hitherto observable spiritual and historical paradigms of the postmodern epoch. Her areas of interest are contemporary prose, critical theory, new media, posthumanism and cyberculture.

During her stay, Krevel will also be presenting Sci-Fi Live: From William Gibson To Ray Kurzweil on March 13 at 12:00 at UMA.  The lecture will cover the correspondences between William Gibson's vision of the future as foreseen in his 1980s Sprawl trilogy, and the existing/forseeable trends in the development of technology and science.  She will also give a lecture on the role of cyberpunk in the development of contemporary American fiction at Bates college, dates yet to be determined.

Krevel studied English and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana where she graduated with a theses on the reception of American Metafiction in Slovenia, and postmodernism in the works of W.S. Burroughs.  She completed MA studies with a thesis on cyperpunk fiction, and received a PhD for a thesis on the Avant-Pop and postmodern Avant-Gardes.

She is the author of Izvidniki v puscavi resnicnosti (Pioneers of the Desert of the Real), a book on the Avant-Pop movement and its role in the development of contemporary American fiction; Kiberpank v literaturi (Cyberpunk in Literature), an e-book on cyberpunk fiction from the perspective of the postmodern paradigm shift, and the co-author Miracles of Rare Device: English Verse from the Elizabethans to the Moderns.