HTY 103 United States History I

From the exploration of America to 1877. The development of democracy, growth of the West, slavery and sectionalism, the Civil War, and Reconstruction. Prerequisite: ENG 101

25112 M 04:00PM-06:45PM Staff 3
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25601 T 07:00PM-09:45PM Lodge 3

24651 TTH 09:00AM-10:20AM Grady 3
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25606 T 07:00PM-09:45PM Lodge 3

South Paris
24913 TH 04:00PM-06:45PM Abbott 3

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T 07:00PM-09:45PM Lodge 3

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25607 Bath/Brunswick

27822 Bethel

27823 Bucksport

27824 Calais

27825 Deer Isle

27826 Dover-Foxcroft/Penquis

27827 East Millinocket

27828 East Sullivan

27829 Ellsworth/Hancock

27830 Fairfield

27831 Farmington

27832 Fort Kent

27833 Greenville

27834 Houlton

27821 Hutchinson Center

27835 Jay - Spruce Mountain Adult Ed

27836 Lewiston-Auburn

27837 Lincoln

27838 Machias

27840 Mount Desert

27841 Newport

27842 Presque Isle

27843 Rockland

27839 Rumford/Mexico

27844 Saco/Biddeford

27845 Sanford

27846 Sherman Station

27847 Skowhegan

27848 South Paris

27849 Winthrop

27850 Wiscasset

25271 McCord 3

HTY 104 United States History II

From 1877 to recent years. The making of modern America, industrialism, imperialism and other topics. Prerequisite: ENG 101

24652 TTH 01:00PM-02:20PM Lodge 3

24770 W 09:00AM-11:45AM Cole 3

24851 W 04:00PM-06:45PM Galloway 3

24937 T 01:00PM-03:45PM Abbott 3

25272 McCord 3

HTY 105 World Civilizations I, Prehistory to 1500

This course is an introductory comparative exploration of various world civilizations through themes such as gender, religion, war, ecology, and ethnicity. Voices of individual lives are used to compare cultures and civilizations. Prerequisite: ENG101

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25608 W 09:00AM-11:45AM Bernheim 3

24654 TTH 09:00AM-10:20AM Lodge 3
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25609 W 09:00AM-11:45AM Bernheim 3

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W 09:00AM-11:45AM Bernheim 3

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25614 Bath/Brunswick

27755 Bethel

27756 Bucksport

27757 Caribou - Delayed Viewing

27758 Deer Isle

27759 East Millinocket

27760 East Sullivan

27761 Ellsworth/Hancock

27762 Farmington

27763 Fort Kent

27764 Greenville

27765 Houlton

27754 Hutchinson Center

27766 Island Falls - Delayed Viewing

27767 Jackman - Delayed Viewing

27768 Jay - Spruce Mountain Adult Ed

27769 Kingfield - Delayed Viewing

27770 Lewiston-Auburn

27771 Lincoln

27772 Machias

27773 Madawaska - Delayed Viewing

27775 Mount Desert

27776 Newport

27777 North Haven - Delayed Viewing

27778 Presque Isle

27779 Rangeley - Delayed Viewing

27780 Rockland

27774 Rumford/Mexico

27786 S Berwick - Delayed Viewing

27781 Saco/Biddeford

27782 Sanford

27783 Sherman Station

27784 Skowhegan

27785 South Paris

27787 Thorndike - Delayed Viewing

27788 Vinalhaven - Delayed Viewing

27789 Wiscasset


HTY 106 World Civilizations II, From 1500 to the Present

A global survey of the interacting roles of gender, nation, race, and class in the modern age of capitalism, imperialism, and world war. Voices of individual lives are used to compare cultures and civilizations. Prerequisite: ENG 101

25273 Hudzina 3

HTY 350 Twentieth Century World History

This course examines the history of the world in the 20th century - the two world wars; the Russian, Chinese, Mexican, and Cuban revolutions; and national liberation struggles in Africa and Asia. It also addresses the evolution of international economic and political systems and the influence of the West on the lives of people everywhere. Prerequisite: Three credit hours in history.

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26015 F 09:00AM-11:45AM Bernheim 3

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26016 F 09:00AM-11:45AM Bernheim 3

Video Conference
F 09:00AM-11:45AM Bernheim 3
26626 Saco/Biddeford

HTY 359 U.S. History Since World War II

This course will study the post World War II history of the United States. It will consist of a brief survey of the entire period as well as in-depth studies of selected topics. These topics may include the dilemmas of the U.S. as a world power, the Vietnam War, economic growth and stagnation, class and citizenship, rise and fall of the New Deal order, the black freedom struggle, the challenge of feminism, and the rise of the new Conservatism. Prerequisite: ENG101 and HTY104 or permission of the instructor.

25274 McCord 3

HTY 457 Civil War and Reconstruction

This course will study the Civil War and Reconstruction era in U.S. history (1847-1877). It will consist of a brief survey of the entire period as well as in-depth studies of selected topics. These topics may include battles and leaders, gender and the War, postemancipation race relations and the social construction of class. Prerequisite: ENG101 and HTY103 or permission of instructor.

30119 Wigderson 3