Regular Session

5/20/13 - 8/23/13

HUM 122 Native American Cultures II                                                           

A survey of traditional Native American cultures and their relationships to European cultures. Following an overview of traditional cultures in North, Central, and South America, representative cultures from each of the three geographic areas will be studied in detail. Prerequisite: ENG101

03608 Feldhousen-Giles 3

First 7-Week Session

5/20/13 - 7/5/13

HUM 389 Topics in Humanities: The Language of the Social Network      

How has digital communication affected our understanding of language and our connectedness to others? This online seminar will use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to highlight the way we write, publish, and interact online. In addition to processing social networking texts, we'll also evaluate blogs serving a variety of purposes from informing to entertaining us, noting the differences in their tone and complexity. Prerequisite: ENG 102W or permission of the instructor. 3 credits.

03906 Lisi 3