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RaP Talk: The Case for Information Literacy
Thursday, October 17th 12:00pm - 1:00pm


Assistant Professor of Information and Library Services Vincent Livoti
University of Maine at Augusta, Katz Library

Information Literacy is a pillar of critical thought. While the phrase “critical thinking” currently has substantial buzz across the academy, many educators continue to struggle with ways to both distill and instill this perspective in an information-age of passive reception. Given the ubiquitous nature of multimedia for so-called digital natives, it is increasingly cleat that many of the essential skills for success in both our physical and on-line classrooms have converged. Like all literacies, information literacy is a set of skills and perceptual frames that can be identified, demonstrated and applied. Drawing from the trials and errors of teaching online, this talk will provide a set of practical, accessible and even entertaining approaches for integrating critical thinking tools into our diverse learning environments.