Regular Session

5/20/13 - 8/23/13

ILS 101 Foundations of Information and Library Science                                        

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of library information science as they apply to library and other information agencies. Topics include information ethics, policies, information needs and seeking behaviors, technology, and the impact of information on cultures and societies. Prerequisite: ILS 100

03613 Williams 3

ILS 150 Introduction to Reference Services & Materials                                        

This course provides a basic introductory knowledge and skills in the use of general and specialized reference tools. An introduction to basic database and on-line searching emphasizing regionally available resources is included. Field trips required. Prerequisite: ILS 100 or permission of program coordinator

03614 Livoti 3

ILS 175 Cataloging and Technical Processes                                                    

This course covers the cataloging and classification of book and non-book materials.  Instruction and practice are given in bibliographic searching and descriptive and subject cataloging, as well as an introduction to the processes of technical services departments in library information agencies.  Some trips to a local library are required.  Prerequisite: ILS 100

03615 Goetting 3

ILS 225 Introduction to Library Information Technology                                        

This course will introduce the student to current library technologies and related issues. It includes an in-depth exploration of technology systems, policies, ethics, and practices as well as the importance of staying current with the latest trends in the information and library services field. Prerequisite: ILS 100 or permission of program coordinator

03616 Blesh 3

ILS 306 Librarian As Teacher                                                                  

This course explores the teaching function of the school librarian, in depth, by examining current trends of the librarian as teacher and exploring appropriate teaching methods with regard to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  Students will develop and explore best methods for implementation of lesson and unit plans as well as collaborative theory with teachers. Prerequisite: ILS 100, ILS 150, ILS 225,or ILS 250.

03617 Becksvoort 3

ILS 365 Web Page Design                                                                       

This course includes theoretical and practical methods with hands-on applications in creating a web site for a specific library information agency or an approved alternate agency. Students will work semester long to design a web site through the use of HTML tagging and a web editing program. Basic web design principles as well as human computer interaction concepts will be discussed. This course also includes an in-depth exploration of usability issues, evaluation techniques, policies and procedures, web site maintenance, presentation of information for the web and different approaches for evaluating online content.  Prerequisites: CIS 100 and ILS 150

03618 Weigle 3

ILS 441 Information Brokering and other Entrepreneurial Options for Library/Media Professionals

This course explores the creative side of the library career market. Utilizing the new technologies that are available to library professionals have made careers in the free enterprise system possible. Establishing a business plan and how to market yourself in the information age will be part of the class. Students will create a business plan that shows how they will merge the information age with the business community. (Students interested in this career possibility will be encouraged to take small business courses for their electives.) Prerequisite: ILS 150

05220 Bancroft 3 

First 7-Week Session

5/20/13 - 7/5/13

ILS 100 Introduction to Libraries and Library Careers                                         

An overview of the history and development of libraries and librarianship as a profession is presented, covering the philosophy, professional associations, state and national certification processes and career opportunities in the library and information fields. Additionally, current issues in librarianship will be explored. Contact with career mentors will be encouraged. CR 3   CR3

03646 Anderson 3

Variable Session

5/27/13 - 6/21/13

ILS 109 Information Literacy                                                                  

An introduction to the research process and methods for retrieving information from a library or through online sources.  This course will be a sequence of steps focusing on the following areas; a) getting started-developing a research question.  b) developing search strategies and techniques. c) using electronic and print resources. d) evaluating information to best determine what meets research needs, and e) properly citing these sources. 1Cr

03647 Orth 1