MUS 103 Music of the United States

A study of the development of musical culture in America from the 17th century to the present. Includes sacred music, American music, folk music, blues, patriotic and dance music, jazz and 20th century popular music. For the nonmusic major.


29721 Jerosch 3


MUS 117 The Dream Machine: A History of Rock and Roll

A survey of artists and the change in musical trends over the last 30-40 years. The course includes an open discussion format with topics such as the effects of fame, wealth, creativity, record companies, managers, and business dealings, on the music and the artist. Film clips, tapes, video tapes, and records are also used to help the student develop a deeper appreciation for the origins of contemporary music. Open to non-music majors. 3 CR

30711 Grover 3


MUS 124 Music of the Twentieth Century

An introduction to some of the major musical products of the century and a study of the developments in western music which provide the impetus for current trends in music composition.For the nonmusic major.

25421 Staff 3


MUS 160 World Music

A study of folk, classical and popular music in Europe, Africa, Native America and South America, the Pacific, the Middle East and Asia, the uses of music in each of these world areas, the influence of Western music on the traditional music of each area, and the influence of non-Western music on European-American music. For nonmusic majors.

25423 Jenkins 3

MUS 190 Women In Western Music

A study of the female contributions to the music of Western society in the 20th century. The course surveys the lives of women as performers, musicians, and teachers in their contemporary cultural climates. The class will include an introduction to the concept of active listening and the development of basic skills for the analysis of musical forms, textures, and melodic and rhythmic materials. Open to non-majors.

25427 Jenkins 3

MUS 303 Hip Hop: Art, Culture, and Politics

Hip Hop is an umbrella term' for art, music, dance, literature, identity, style andpolitics. We will begin to understand the art, culture, and politics of Hip Hop bylooking at the movements and politics that inspired the birth of Hip Hop as a form of art and music. We will consider the art and aesthetics of Hip Hop and the musical styles that made Hip Hop music possible. Students will create a piece of art or music inspired by Hip Hop. The ways in which Hip Hop speaks to youth and speaks about oppression, violence, identity, culture, and power will also be considered. We will then explore Hip Hop as a form of cultural politics and activism toward social justice. Students will create art or music toward Hip Hop inspired social justice. Finally, we'll consider the possibilities of a Hip Hop future. 3 credits.Prerequisite: AME 201W OR MUS XXX OR ENG 102 OR permission of instructor.(Cross-listed with AME 303)

25043 Hentges 3


MUS 337 Tradition & Innovation:Art Music Since the Romantics

A study of 20th and 21st century composers, styles and techniques in European and American Art Music. Composers, their works, and relevant new technologies will be examined within their larger cultural and artistic context.For non-music majors. Prerequisite: ENG 102W (MUS 123,160,or 190 suggested, but not mandatory) or permission of the instructor.

25436 Jenkins 3