Jazz and Contemporary Music

Passionate about music? Serious about your future? Then consider our Jazz and Contemporary Music Program as your direct pathway to a successful career in the exciting world of professional music.

Degrees Offered: B.M. and A.S.
Offered on the Augusta Campus


If you feel that the UMA Jazz and Contemporary Music Program may be right for you, and you desire more detailed information, simply contact our staff by phone or email and submit your requests. Or even better, why not just make an appointment to visit, talk to some instructors, sit in on a class or two, check out the recording facility, and experience UMA first-hand. The door is always open.

In the meantime, click on the links below to download the latest comprehensive brochure, view the current degree program check-sheets and other relevant information.

And, if you're looking at joining our Bachelor of Music program, our audition requirements are below.

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UMA Audition Requirements

For all Bachelor of Music applications, we require you to complete a live audition and interview.  We recognize that each one of our students is a unique individual and we want you to show your strengths when you audition with us.  While there is a general format for the audition, we use this opportunity to assess your potential to succeed in our program, rather than just to check a list of requirements.  UMA considers all applicants for both admission and scholarships during the audition process.

Generally, we anticipate an audition to consist of two contrasting songs, whether you play, sing or compose. We also typically hear some technical material, such as scales and offer auditioning students the opportunity to sight read.  You may elect to improvise on one or both of the pieces, but that's not mandatory.

Theory Placement Testing

We want to place you in the music theory class that’s going to be best for you.  For all students, regardless of whether they’re applying for our Bachelor of Music program, or our Associates’ Diploma, will need to take a Theory Placement Test.  When you’re on campus for an audition, or during the week before classes, we’ll have you take a brief theory placement test.  This test will consist of fundamentals such as key signatures, intervals and chords.

For more information, or to schedule an audition, please contact the Program Coordinator, Professor Anita Jerosch: anitaann.jerosch@maine.edu