JUS 103 Foundations of Criminal Justice

This course will analyze the developmental events that have shaped the processes which constitute the major contemporary criminal justice institutions. The historical development of law, police, courts, corrections, and juvenile justice systems are studied from their early beginnings to contemporary issues, which may lead to future trends in justice.

25404 Davitt 3

JUS 121 Criminal Law

The application and philosophy of criminal law will be studied. Problems of interpretations of the statutory criminal law will be examined for the purpose of effective enforcement. Prerequisite: JUS 103 or consent of the instructor.

25405 Davitt 3

JUS 124 Introduction to Crime Prevention

The historical, philosophical and practical basis of crime prevention programs.Emphasis on efforts to increase citizen awareness and involvement. Introduction to procedural and physical security methods, from architectural design to crime prevention surveys. Retail and residential crime prevention practices will be highlighted.

25406 Lumb 3

JUS 212 Real Estate Transfer Procedures

Theory and practice of creating an adequate history of title to real estate for beginners. Mortgages and closings are also examined. Use of Registry of Deeds resources is required.

25407 Davitt 3

JUS 216 Principles of Litigation

Investigates the important steps of civil and criminal procedure and the relevant, accompanying documents, starting with the commencement of an action or arrest, through the appellate procedure and the enforcement of the judgment or incarceration. Students acquire the skills of file and document organization. Prerequisite: JUS103 or equivalent

25408 Davitt 3

JUS 223 Principles of Management

(This course is cross-listed with JUS 223 and POS 223) A comprehensive study of management in public and private sectors. The influence of human, social and political factors is integrated with treatment of managers structural and technical processes. Analyses focus on such theories as planning, controlling, decision making, organizational design, administrative skills, communications and information systems. It is recommended that ENG 101 be taken prior to or concurrently with this course.

25081 Boone 3


JUS 316 Criminology

(This course is cross listed with SOC316.) Designed to enhance student awareness and comprehension of social and cultural factors in the causation of crime and juvenile delinquency. A review and analysis of recent theories and research findings, a theoretical venture in applied sociology. Prerequisite: SOC 101cans SOC 201

25454 Cook 3

JUS 364 Human Rights Violation: Torture and Trauma

(This course is cross-listed with HUS 364 and SSC 364.)Human Rights refer to the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled.To violate the most basic human rights, is to deny individuals their fundamental moral entitlements.The focus of the course will be on how the experience of intentional psychological and physical torture affect individuals, families and societies.We will discuss the short-term and long-term psychological, neurological, biological, social and disability-related consequences of torture and trauma.Prerequisites: PSY 100

25338 Linhardt 3

JUS 392 Hate Crimes

This course examines the response of the criminal justice system to the hate,prejudice and bias that causes crime. Racism and prejudice will be examined on individual, institutional, systems level. Prerequisites PSY 100 or JUS 103 or permission of Instructor .3 credits

25412 Lumb 3


JUS 488 Senior Seminar and Capstone Experience

An in-depth examination of the student's choice of topical issues in criminal justice.Students will complete an original research project, a traditional research paper or an internship with accompanying journals, reports and case notes as well as a review of the issues which dominate scholarly activity in the field.In addition, students will prepare a portfolio of their representative work in the required JUS courses which will include a reflection on its role in the process and culmination of their educational experience. Prerequisites:ENG 101, Jus 103 and JUS 363 or permission of instructor.

25414 Davitt 4