First 7-Week Session

5/20/13 - 7/5/13

JUS 105 Legal Research and Materials                                                          

Introduces research methods and the use of legal materials in preparing legal memoranda. Students use statutes, cases, treatises, legal periodicals and other authorities online to prepare memoranda.

03648 Ackerman 3

JUS 222 Family Law                                                                            

Introduces the Maine law of divorce including custody and property division and the Maine law of adoption and paternity. Also covers the drafting requirements of complaints, motions, interrogatories and agreements as well as interviewing techniques. This is a hybrid course which includes additional time on the web.

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05039 MW 01:00PM-02:15PM Boivin 3

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05040 MW 01:00PM-02:15PM Boivin 3

(ITV Receive Class, Delayed Viewing OK, No Instructor Permission Needed.)
MW 01:00PM-02:15PM Boivin 3

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05041 Bath/Brunswick                

05043 Bethel                        

05044 Bucksport                      

05045 Deer Isle                     

05046 East Millinocket              

05047 East Sullivan                 

05048 Ellsworth/Hancock             

05049 Farmington                    

05050 Fort Kent                     

05051 Greenville                     

05052 Houlton                       

05042 Hutchinson Center             

05053 Jay - Spruce Mountain Adult Ed

05054 Lewiston-Auburn               

05055 Lincoln                       

05056 Machias                       

05058 Mount Desert                  

05059 Newport                       

05060 Presque Isle                  

05061 Rockland                      

05057 Rumford/Mexico                

05062 Saco/Biddeford                

05063 Sanford                        

05064 Sherman Station               

05065 Skowhegan                     

05066 South Paris                   

05067 Wiscasset        


JUS 223 Principles of Management                                                              

(This course is cross-listed with JUS 223 and POS 223) A comprehensive study of management in public and private sectors. The influence of human, social and political factors is integrated with treatment of managers structural and technical processes. Analyses focus on such theories as planning, controlling, decision making, organizational design, administrative skills, communications and information systems. It is recommended that ENG 101 be taken prior to or concurrently with this course.

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03718 MW 09:00AM-11:45AM Bean 3

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03720 MW 09:00AM-11:45AM Bean 3

(ITV Receive Class, Delayed Viewing OK, No Instructor Permission Needed)
MW 09:00AM-11:45AM Bean 3

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03722 Bath/Brunswick                

04108 Bethel                        

04109 Bucksport                     

04110 Caribou - Delayed Viewing     

04111 Deer Isle                     

04112 East Millinocket              

04113 East Sullivan                 

04114 Ellsworth/Hancock             

04115 Farmington                    

04116 Fort Kent                     

04117 Greenville                    

04118 Houlton                       

04107 Hutchinson Center             

04119 Island Falls - Delayed Viewing

04120 Jackman - Delayed Viewing     

04121 Jay - Spruce Mountain Adult Ed

04122 Kingfield - Delayed Viewing   

04123 Lewiston-Auburn               

04124 Lincoln                        

04125 Machias                       

04126 Madawaska - Delayed Viewing   

04128 Mount Desert                  

04129 Newport                       

04130 North Haven - Delayed Viewing 

04131 Presque Isle                  

04132 Rangeley - Delayed Viewing    

04133 Rockland                      

04127 Rumford/Mexico                

04139 S Berwick - Delayed Viewing   

04134 Saco/Biddeford                

04135 Sanford                       

04136 Sherman Station               

04137 Skowhegan                     

04138 South Paris                   

04140 Thorndike - Delayed Viewing   

04141 Vinalhaven - Delayed Viewing  

04142 Wiscasset   

5526 Bean 3 *This class is a video stream of the ITV class broadcast from Augusta.

JUS 289 Topics in Justice Studies: Police Role in a Democratic Society

This course addresses the role of the police in the 21st century which has evolved from law enforcement to a complex set of interweaving criteria which address cost, collaboration, information-sharing and efficiency. These higher expectations mandate closer relationships with citizens and the larger professional community.

03649 Lumb 3


Second 7-Week Session

7/8/13 - 8/23/23

JUS 121 Criminal Law                                                                          

The application and philosophy of criminal law will be studied. Problems of interpretations of the statutory criminal law will be examined for the purpose of effective enforcement. Prerequisite: JUS 103 or consent of the instructor.

03666 Davitt 3

JUS 305 Women in Criminal Justice                                                             

Topics include variations in female criminality by race and social class, treatment of women by the criminal justice system and what women can do to prevent victimization. Prerequisite: JUS103 or permission of instructor.

03667 Davitt 3