Information and Library Services

Here’s an outstanding program you can complete from anywhere. Providing a foundation in computer information systems, public service programming, reference and database searching, library technical processes, and more, you’ll be poised for success within the field of library and information services. Related opportunities abound in business, public service, education, and communications.

Degree Offered: B.S. and A.S.
Offered online wherever you are

Information and Library Services


Anderson, David: ILS 100 - Introduction to Libraries and Library and Information Careers.
Bancroft, Donna: ILS 441 - Information Brokering and other Entrepreneurial options for Library/Media Professionals. ILS 442 -Library Management
Blesh, Tamara: ILS 225 - Introduction to Library Information Technology. ILS 325 - Digital Library Technology and Services.
Denise Goetting: ILS 175 - Cataloging & Library Technical Processes

Vincent Livoti: ILS 150 - Reference, ILS 202- Library Services to Children, ILS 250 - Collection Development, ILS 360 Advanced Reference
McKelvy, Dina: ILS 203 -Survey of Health Sciences Resources

Orth, Melissa: ILS 109 - Information Literacy. ILS 201 - Library Services for Teens

Weigle, Anastasia: ILS 312 - Preservation and Archiving of Library Materials, ILS 365 - Web Page Design.
Williams, Jodi: ILS 101 Foundations of Information and Library Services, ILS 299 Library Assistant Practicum, ILS 499- Advanced Research or Internship.