Regular Session

5/20/13 - 8/23/13

MAT 30 Algebra I                                                                              

Topics include a review of fundamentals, real numbers, algebraic expressions, first degree equations in one variable, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, graphing, square roots, quadratic equations, and exponents. Problem solving and informal geometry will be integrated throughout the course. Credits for this course do not fulfill degree requirements. Prerequisite: A grade of C, not C- or higher in MAT 9, MAT 20, or an appropriate score on the UMA placement test.

03619 McAleer 3    

MAT 125 Analytical Geometry and Introductory Calculus I

An introduction to calculus for all students. Differential calculus of the algebraic, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions. In addition, the definite integral and the fundamental theorem of calculus are studied. Graphing calculators are recommended due to the exploratory, geometric, and intuitive approach which emphasizes an understanding of the basic concepts of function, limit, derivative, and integral. Prerequisite: MAT124

03620 Bisulca 4