MAT 30 Algebra I

Topics include a review of fundamentals, real numbers, algebraic expressions, first degree equations in one variable, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, graphing, square roots, quadratic equations, and exponents. Problem solving and informal geometry will be integrated throughout the course. Credits for this course do not fulfill degree requirements. Prerequisite: A grade of C, not C- or higher in MAT 9, MAT 20, or an appropriate score on the UMA placement test.

25416 McAleer 3


MAT 111 Algebra II

This course includes advanced work in the topics of MAT 030. Additional topics include functional notation, systems of equations in two or more variables, matrices and determinants, and radical equations. Prerequisite: MAT 021 or MAT 030 with a minimum grade of C, not C- or higher or appropriate score on the UMA Placement Test.

25417 Lachance 3


MAT 115 Elementary Statistics I

Emphasis on the basic concepts and applications. Collection, analysis, and presentation of data are extensively discussed. Elementary probability is covered. Decision making with large and small samples and prediction based on correlation and regression are also included. Prerequisite: MAT 021 or MAT 030 or MAT 100.

25418 Bisulca 3


MAT 261 Applied Linear Algebra

A study of linear algebra with a focus on the geometrical aspects and applications of linear algebra. The emphasis will be on: matrix and vector representations of linear systems, matrix and vector representations of geometric objects, using matrix methods to solve systems of linear equations, applying spatial transformations to geometric objects. Prerequisite: MAT 112.

30313 French