First 7-Week Session

5/20/13 - 7/5/13

MLT 103 Phlebotomy                                                                             

An introduction to blood collection: safety precautions, types of specimens, collection, and handling techniques. Routine venipuncture and dermal puncture equipment and procedures as well as special situations and additional techniques used to accommodate them. Offered summer session. Prerequisite: MLT102 or permission of instructor.

(ITV Broadcast Class)
04218 TTH 08:30AM-11:00AM Naas 2

(ITV Receive Class)
04226 TTH 08:30AM-11:00AM Naas 2

Video Conference
TTH 08:30AM-11:00AM Naas 2

04235 Bath/Brunswick
05569 Belfast
04228 Houlton
04221 Presque Isle
04231 Rumford/Mexico
04223 Saco/Biddeford
04232 South Paris


Second 7-Week Session

7/8/13 - 8/23/13

MLT 104 Phlebotomy Clinical Practicum                                                         

A practicum in phlebotomy utilizing the laboratory facilities and staff at  MaineGeneral Medical Center and other clinical affiliated hospitals. The fundamentals of specimen collection, specimen processing and handling with a  minimum performance of 100 successful unaided blood collections including venipunctures and skin punctures will be performed. Prerequisites: MLT 103 and permission of the Instructor.

03808 MTWTHF 06:00AM-03:30PM Naas 1