Meet me on the Green: a Social Science Spring Fling

From Alexis de Toqueville through Georg Simmel in the classic era to Ronald Breiger and Scott Feld in the contemporary era, social philosophers and scientists have long recognized the importance of sharing space for the building of community.  The connections we build when we eat together and play together strengthen our connections in the classroom and otherwise on the campus.  

In that spirit, the social science program threw a spring fling, an opportunity to meet and socialize with other faculty, adjunct instructors, SSC majors, and prospective majors at the University of Maine at Augusta.  With the indispensible assistance of the UMA advising center, we held a picnic on the Augusta main quad in April 17 and saw many people swing by for a bite to eat or a round of bocce.  We enjoyed the spirit of the day and plan to repeat the event next year, for instrumental reasons to be sure but also just for the fun of finding people outside on a sunny day after a long New England winter.