Jazz and Contemporary Music

Passionate about music? Serious about your future? Then consider our Jazz and Contemporary Music Program as your direct pathway to a successful career in the exciting world of professional music.

Degrees Offered: B.M. and A.S.
Offered on the Augusta Campus


Music: Concentrations and Areas of Study

UMA Music insures a well-rounded and relevant education by providing a diverse array of concentration pathways including performance, composition, recording technology and music education.  Designed to address your future career vision, there's a concentration interest for any student wanting to study at UMA.


Guitar, bass, keyboard, brass, woodwind, voice, percussion... or perhaps your instrument is violin or French horn. You came to play, and UMA provides! You will receive hours of hands-on performance opportunities every week. Lessons, ensembles, recitals, clinics and the acclaimed Jazz Week Concert Series at the end of each semester all contribute to the real-world experience you desire. And no matter what your stylistic direction or preferred instrument may be, you definitely have a home at UMA. Our broad performance diversity explores jazz, Latin, blues, modern rock, funk, fusion and popular music while embracing the important foundational idioms of Western classical styles. UMA's Performance Concentration is the curriculum to master real-world contemporary music performance.

Performance Checksheet

Music Education

UMA has a long tradition of turning out competent, dedicated teachers who secure Maine State Certification and enjoy long and fruitful careers within elementary, high school and private institution environments.   Our Music Education concentration, much of which is available in an online format, provides both the skills and the qualifications you need to become a full-time music teacher.  UMA's Music Concentration students have the advantage of being particularly skilled in the in-demand areas of jazz, popular music, and music technology, as well as being thoroughly trained in the expected traditional music areas.

Music Education Checksheet

Audio Recording

Your private studio creating personal projects. A local production facility generating band projects, TV and radio spots, and small film scores. The big scene in Nashville, Los Angeles, New York, where history-making music is recorded. Regardless of your aspirations being small town or big city oriented, to be a successful engineer, you need to build on the basics, and concisely develop your tracking, mixing, processing, mastering, production and editing skills. There is no better resource in northern New England for refining these skills than the Audio Technology Concentration at UMA. Big rooms, lots of mics, great outboard gear, Tascam™ and ProTools™ makes it all happen. Not to mention a horde of musicians on-site, ready to supply your projects with capable session players. Formalize your passion for recording at UMA!

Audio Recording Checksheet

Sonic Arts and Composition

Songwriting, jazz composition, contemporary classical composition, electronica and computer-based creations--our Sonic Arts and Composition Concentration opens the door for you to realize your creative visions and potential.  We recognize that composition, sound creation, and technology are wholly intertwined, and our curriculum and facilities equip you with both the compositional and technical skills you'll need to make your mark in today's multi-faceted music scene and marketplace.  Our versatile faculty provides broad-based composition studies encompassing and integrating jazz, popular and modern classical styles, and our students have access to both our primary Recording Studio and our fully-equipped Sonic Arts project studio.

Sonic Arts & Composition Checksheet