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Here’s an outstanding program you can complete from anywhere. Providing a foundation in computer information systems, public service programming, reference and database searching, library technical processes, and more, you’ll be poised for success within the field of library and information services. Related opportunities abound in business, public service, education, and communications.

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Information and Library Services

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What's happening?

UMA completes ALA-APA Certification! Check it out!

ALA-APA recognizes University of Maine at Augusta graduates (June 2014)

CHICAGO The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) announced today that it has completed an agreement with the University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) that will allow its graduates who meet the established criteria from their Library and Information Services Program to receive the Certified Library Support Staff (CLSS) designation.

ALA-APA and UMA believe that the graduates’ degrees or certificates, coupled with the LSSC will benefit graduates, the library in which they work and library users. Lorelle Swader, director of ALA-APA, said, “We are honored to recognize UMA as part of the LSSC national certification program, which is quickly becoming a standard for the profession. It shows employers of these graduates that they have made a commitment to furthering their own continuing professional development and future.” ...

For more information students should see the ALA-APA Library Support Staff Certification Information or contact Ian Lashbrook,Program Officer - Certification,American Library Association-Allied Professional Association, 312-280-2424, for more information.



2014: UMA Climbs to 61st in Nation for Best Online Programs, says U.S. News & World Reports. (January '14)


For the second year in a row, U.S. News & World Reports selected UMA in its national ranking of universities offering top online degree programs. See full story here...


 Students from Virginia to Micronesia part of growing group taking online courses from UMS (February '14)

Now you just GO!! YAY Chris McGrath (class of 2013), interviewed for this Bangor Daily News article! "It can be a little intimidating at first,” said Chris ILS Student at Graduation Spring 2013McGrath, a library technician from Pueblo, Colo. who received a bachelor’s degree in information library services from UMA. “It’s not a misconception that you spend more time in an online class than a regular class. Some classes can be really homework heavy.” McGrath said she decided to go back to school after she got laid off in 2010. She needed a program that would allow her to do her job search and then work while she studied.

Jodi Williams, associate professor of information and library services — a completely online program at UMA — said that she has found that online courses work for her students, who know what they want from a degree and want to get it as quickly as possible. The method does present some challenges, however.

“Students just can’t walk into an office and sit down and say, ‘I need help with financial aid,’” she said. “They need to call or email and make sure they have contacts who can help them.”  Williams added that offering her courses online adds a level of richness that would not otherwise be possible. She has taught students from Micronesia to the Middle East to Maine, all from her office in Augusta."


 co library

Best Small Library in America 2014: Pine River Library, CO (February'14)

Congratulations to one of the staff mentioned in the most recent Library Journal, our very own ILS Graduate, JUDY POE!!! "The Living Library changes and grows constantly under the leadership of Judy Poe..." how proud we are to have been a (tiny) part of her Senior Project!! You, Judy, have made our week and hope you and your library enjoy this GREAT Honor!

Congratulations to you and your library on your hard work!!! See the Library Journal article.



RHS Library Internship, Texas (Spring 2014)

ILS Senior Emily Adams is undertaking her senior capstone internship in the Rider School Library and chronicling her work in a GREAT blog! She is exploring different learning objectives that will help make her a better ILS Professional including: creating new marketing for library services and materials, looking into genrefying the collection to better understand the pros and cons, working on her weeding techniques and learning new presentation skills and trying them out! CHECK OUT her blog!



 VSoup Image of Seed Project

A Seed Library at the Camden Public Library (Spring 2014)
UMA ILS Student Sarah Dugan, circulation librarian at the Camden Public Library, "offers seeds for Green Growing January a a time of year when green thoughts are most welcome." Check out the recent Village Soup article highlighting the CPL's efforts. Way to go Sarah for being a part of this innovative program and such an innovative part of URock and UMA!




WeLoveLibraries-Postcard-FINAL-1 We Love Libraries Week at University of Maine, Augusta: Featuring International Keynote & Maine State Librarian (Postponed until April 14th)
Augusta, Maine – Join the Information and Library Services Program at UMA for an exploration of the digital age through the lenses of international and regional librarianship featuring Dr. Rebecca Green of the DDC at The Library of Congress and Maine State Librarian Linda Lord. This is the keynote event for “We Love Libraries Week” – launched by the ILS Program at the University of Maine, Augusta.

The ILS Program invites the public to a noon reception at the Holocaust and Human Rights Center (HHRC) on the UMA campus before the 12:30pm speaker presentation. The venue will have seating for 65. Events for “We love Libraries Week” will run April 14th and 15th.

For more information(PDF) or postcard or contact either  Dr. Vincent Livoti or Ms. Ana Noriega at UMA’s Katz Library: 1.207.621.3349 or 1.877.862.1234 x 3349 (Toll-free).



UMA ILS Graduate beginning new job in Belgrade! (Fall 2013)

"BELGRADE — The town’s newest library director officially starts work on Monday and brings with her more than 16 years experience working in school and college libraries. The town’s Board of Selectpersons last week approved hiring Janet Patterson of Oakland... Patterson was previously district librarian for the Winthrop School Department, and prior to that was librarian at Madison High School and in Augusta schools. She also worked in various library departments at the University of Maine at Augusta, where she earned her associate and bachelor’s degrees in library information technology. She earned her master’s of library science from Clarion University, Clarion, Pa.

“I’ve wanted to be a librarian since I was 7,” Patterson said. “I’ve tried out all the different fields.” Read more...




UMA ILS Alum, Alyssa Patterson (2013) has hit the ground running!
In "Fairfield and 14 other communities throughout the nation, young fans will get a taste of the days when celebrating Harry Potter was a group activity.

The Lawrence Public Library was one of 15 winners chosen from a pool of hundreds of applicants by a panel of judges from U.S. publisher Scholastic. ... For Alyssa Patterson, the children's librarian at Lawrence who submitted the winning essay, the party will be a chance to recreate some of the excitement she felt when she picked up her first Potter book.

Patterson, who recently graduated from the University of Maine at Augusta with a degree in information and library services, said Potter has an appeal that spans both generations and genders." Full Kennebec Journal Article here:New, old Harry Potter fans to celebrate books at Fairfield library party. Our congratulations to Alyssa.



2013: UMA has made the U.S. News & World Report’s list of Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs, ranking 103rd in a survey of 237 institutions participating. “UMA is justifiably proud of its online offerings, which have been steadily growing over the past few years,”

says President Handley. “Today, UMA students earn over 25% of their credits through online classes, and more and more of our programs offer an online option.” 

Survey scores were based on statistical data gathered from questionnaires about each institution’s online specific bachelor's degree programs. 50% of the ranking was from the school’s student engagement, 25% from faculty credentials and training, and 25% from services and technology available to students in the programs. For more information see UMA article or the US News & World Report's Website


ALISE-AWUser Engagement with Physical Objects: An investigation of the multi-dimensional experience of archival users.

Adjunct Faculty member in the ILS Program and Ph.D. student at Simmons, Anastasia Weigle presented her research at a recent Works in Progress Poster Presentation at the 2014 ALISE conference in Philadelphia, PA. Her poster was well-received and can be seen here (PDF).

"A Shot Across the Bow: Hidden Stories from the Sea" Anastasia Weigle (UMA Adjunct Faculty)

spends countless hours documenting the memories of Maine's maritime men, women and children from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries....Enjoy anevening of conversation with Anastasia, Project Archivist for the Maine Maritime Museum, as she recounts several hidden stories within the Museum’s maritime collection...(read more)

ILS Student Interns at the PBS Archives! (Spring 2013)
ILS student Gertie Mentzer just finished working with PBS for her Capstone/Internship experience in the ILS program. She spent the Spring term digging through their non-digitized papers to scan and create an organization system for their business papers before the company went digital. As a part of this project she also be assisted in assessing the VHS tapes that may or may not have been digitized and find a way to describe and organize them. Overall she assisted in creating a taxonomy and assigning metadata to the digitized materials. Gertie was excited and fortunate to have a skilled and knowledgable supervisor who allowed her to work independently, while maintaining a strong communicating loop throughout the day. To read more about her work, please check out Gertie's Blog about her experience in the PBS Archives! We wish Gertie the best on all her future endeavors and are sure we will be highlighting her successes here for a while to come! RECENT SUCCESS UPDATE: Gertie is going to Grad School and with scholarships!! CONGRATULATIONS (Fall 2013)

UMA ILS Student Lands NYTimes Internship! (Fall 2012)
Daniel Norton, a student in UMA’s online Information and Library Services program, has taken his role as a student in the field very seriously. “I view it as the perfect opportunity to explore my options as a fledgling professional in environments that are conducive to turning mistakes into valuable learning experiences," he explains... (read more)

 Highlighting ILS Students

Occupy Movement and the Library: ILS Student Danny Norton engaging in and impacting his local community.

-Progressive Librarian: A Journal for Critical Studies & Progressive Politics in Librarianship (Issue #38/39, Spring 2012)

-American Libraries Article quoting Dan: American Libraries article

-OWS Library Website: OWLS Library Website

-Dan's writing contributions

More ILS Students Out in the World

-ILS Student Kristen Chavonelle's Blog about her class experiences (100-200 level courses). 2011

-ILS Student Kathryn Diman's Blog: A Dream Come True: Becoming a Librarian! (400-level course). 2011 This blog chronicles the processes involved in conducting a Library Practicum of one individual pursuing a BS degree in Library Science and Information Services.

-UMA ILS Graduate, Richard Fortin, Director, Winthrop Public Library in the News

EBOOKS: At Winthrop Library the Future is Now(2011)
Late Fines Eliminated at the Library:Fees are a Relic of the Past (2010)

New Library Director Busy(2010)


-Greg Lewis, ILS Graduate: Awesome Foundation awards grant to support a teen music event for library!


Highlighting ILS Faculty

-Dina McKelvy: Dina McKelvy who is enhancing her professional career through the study of Informatics has received a fellowship from the National Library of Medicine to attend a workshop this summer at Woods Hole at the Marine Biological Laboratory on BioMedical Informatics. As UMA and many institutions think about the future of information science, library science and the impact of technology on medical information, informatics becomes an important place for study and research. (See information on Drexel's Certificate in HealthCare Informatics). Participating in these workshops and continuing to hone their skills is one of many ways ILS Faculty stay on top of the changes in our field.

-Dr. Tamara Blesh: Traveling Librarian

-Undergraduate Education in ILS

UMA's ILS Program Coordinator was involved in discussions regarding the Bachelor's in Information and Library Services. Check out the @1st Century Library Blog by Dr. Stephen Matthews: Why Not a Bachelor's In Library Science?

-KJ Article: UMA Reaches Across the Pacific

-Guest BLOG: UMA Distance Ed in Micronesia

-Blog interview with "VERY" Distant Learners (UMA ILS Students)

Graduating? Not if you haven't Applied!!


 If you are going to be graduating at the end of the Spring, Summer or Fall terms, please make sure you apply to graduate. Also please make sure any outstanding transcripts have been requested and mailed to UMA to be evaluated.

Please fill out UMA's graduation application.

Check your CHECK SHEETS!!

ILS courses that are NOT on the checksheet for the AS or BS program CAN be substituted for one of your ILS electives. Please talk with your advisor if you are interested in taking one of these classes and applying it toward your degree program. Examples of courses are: ILS 306, ILS 205

Course Rotation Schedule

FALL: ILS 100, 101^, 109, 150, 175, 201, 202, 205, 225, 299, 350, 365, 385, 442. 499.

ILS 100, 101, 109, 150, 175, 202, 203, 250, 299* 312, 325, 350, 441, 499*.

ILS 100, 101, 109, 175, 204**, 225, 306, 365, 441

^Course will not be offered Fall 2015
*This course is only offered in the Fall and Spring. Contact for information about Summer options.
**Summer courses MAY be offered if there are enough students entering our programs to warrant sections running.(1.15.13)

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