NUR 101 Fundamentals of Nursing

This course enables the student to identify and explore concepts that form the basis for the practice of holistic nursing. Emphasis is placed on the unifying concepts of basic human needs and nursing process. The focus is on an individuals state of health (homeostasis) with attention to common stressors that can create interruptions in need attainment. The nursing process is introduced as the methodology that provides the basis for nursing practice. NUR 101 provides classroom content that enables the student to make a beginning assessment of client needs which lead to the identification of client problems. Prerequisite: Admission to the Nursing Program. Note: ENG 101, PSY 100, and BIO 110 must be completed prior to or taken concurrently with NUR 101.

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NUR 201W Nursing Care of the Family

(This course is writing intensive.) NUR201W prepares the student to apply the nursing process in delivering care to the childbearing family and children. A developmental approach is used in meeting the needs of the child and family. Attention is given to the nurses role in health promotion and disease prevention. Concepts of community-based health care are introduced. Students will have the opportunity to provide nursing care to children and childbearing families. A portion of the clinical will provide students an opportunity to enhance their medical surgical knowledge while caring for adult clients.Prerequisite: MAT100, NUR102, BIO210. NOTE: PSY308, BIO321, SOC101 must be completed prior to or taken concurrently with NUR201W.

29093 MTH 09:00AM-11:30AM Evans 9

NUR 225 Introduction to Health Informatics

(Cross-listed with CIS 225.)This course will provide students with a survey of topics in the health informatics area. Examining computer's emerging role in delivery, management and analysis of health care, and how it impacts all stakeholders in health care arena. Competency skill sets include:Analytical assessment of Medical information(both spatial and non-spatial) Systems Analysis and modeling and Project Management. Prerequisite CIS 100 OR CIS 101 OR CIS 135. 3 credits

25135 Landry 3

NUR 301 Health Assessment Throughout the Lifespan

This course presents content of total health assessment for all ages using holistic approach. In the laboratory setting, students develop the necessary knowledge and skills to perform a total health assessment. Students gain knowledge in history taking, therapeutic communication, and a comprehensive physical assessment with clients of all ages. Students will practice and demonstrate assessment skills in the laboratory setting.Prerequisite:NUR 204/205 or RN

Blended course. Meets live ONLY on 9/23, 10/21, and 12/2.

25705 M 02:00PM-06:00PM Lombard 4

NUR 302 Pharmacology for Nurses

This course provides an introduction to pharmacodynamics through the application of holistic nursing and the nursing process. Focus on the principles of drug action are presented as they relate to nursing care throughout the lifespan. Emphasis is placed on the nursing role in medication administration and monitoring of various classes of medications. Prerequisite:NUR 204/205 or RN

25438 Clark 3

NUR 304 Concepts of Professional Nursing Practice

An exploration of the nursing profession, historical foundations, holistic concepts andcurrent issues regarding the scope and roles in professional baccalaureate nursing practice will be discussed. An emphasis is placed on the continued development of critical thinking, written, and oral communication skills for the baccalaureate nursePrerequisites: NUR 204/205 or RN 3 credits

Blended course.  Meets live ONLY on 9/16, 10/28, and 11/25.

25707 M 03:00PM-05:45PM Lombard 3

NUR 352 Nursing Research

This course focuses on the use of research as evidence for nursing practices.Nursing research literature using qualitative and quantitative paradigms is explored.The research process, design, and findings are topics covered.The student learns to analyze, synthesize, and summarize findings of current research investigations.In addition, the student identifies a topic in need of nursing research and conducts a literature search of theoretical and research literature.The qualitative research process includes a mini investigation of a topic of interest using a selected qualitative methodology.Prerequisites:NUR 304 and MAT 115/concurrent.3 credits.

Blended course.  Meets live ONLY on 9/10, 10/22, and 12/3.

25712 T 01:00PM-03:45PM King 3

NUR 355 Community and Global Health

This course focuses on using community health concepts, sciences, and theories basic to the development and maintenance of the public's health. An exploration of the history of community health nursing, global nursing concerns, biostatistics, epidemiology, and health prevention efforts will be integrated with concepts relating to holistic, caring, integrative health promotion. The student will be assisted to begin to develop a clinical community health or global health experience, which uses principals of partnership building and population-focused, community-based approaches to healthcare. The nursing decision-making process and use of evidence-based modalities may be used to facilitate work with individuals, families and groups in a variety of diverse or global community settings. Prerequisites: NUR 304, NUR 301, NUR 352 (or concurrent), or by permission.3 credits

Blended course.  Meets live ONLY on 9/11, 10/23, and 11/20

25714 W  1-3:45 Clark 3


NUR 410 Leadership and Management in Nursing

This course provides the RN student with an overview of leadership and management theory and roles in healthcare organizations and nursing services.Issues in nursing that impact the roles of leader and/or manager will be addressed using case study, study practice experiences, and reflective exercises.Prerequisites:NUR 304 and NUR 352 or permission of instructor.3 credits.

Blended course.  Meets live ONLY on 9/18, 10/16, and 11/13.

25721 W 01:00PM-03:45PM Lombard 3

NUR 420 The American Healthcare System

(This course is cross listed with POS 420.) This course will examine the American healthcare system in relation to global healthcare systems in terms of health care outcomes, reimbursement and funding issues, governmental roles, and consumer issues around access, quality, and healthcare. The structure and process of health care legislation and current health care policies are discussed. New trends in health care legislation are examined and students are provided the opportunity to reflect on their responsibilities as a healthcare consumer and/or provider of health care services.  Prerequisites: NUR 304, BUA/JUS/POS 233 and POS 251 or by permission.



NUR 425 Hands on Healing: Reiki & Importance of Caring for Self & Others

This elective nursing course is offered as a hybrid with multiple face-to-face meetings and weekly online modules.Students will gain practical experience with giving and receiving Reiki after they receive a Reiki attunement level one.Students will practice Reiki with others during face-to-face sessions and will have the opportunity to explore the body of research around Reiki and other energy-based healing modalities that may be used by nurses in practice.This course empowers the nurse or other healthcare professional with a holistic healing modality that may be used in the healthcare practice setting, thereby supporting the nurse in creating an autonomous and caring practice modality. Prerequisite:NUR 304 or permission of instructor.

Blended course.  Meets live ONLY on 10/19, 11/2, and 11/23.

25722 Sa 09:00AM-03:00PM Kendall 3