NUR 302 Pharmacology for Nurses

This course provides an introduction to pharmacodynamics through the application of holistic nursing and the nursing process. Focus on the principles of drug action are presented as they relate to nursing care throughout the lifespan. Emphasis is placed on the nursing role in medication administration and monitoring of various classes of medications

13003 Pharmacology for Nurses Clark 3


NUR 420 The American Health Care System

(This course is cross listed with POS420.) An overview of health care institutions, politics, and policy in the United States with attention to (a) the historical development of the system, (b) the major public and private sector institutions, (c) regulatory rules, (d) health care expenditures, (e) insurance, (f) Medicare and Medicaid, (g) managed care, (h) health care quality, and (i) long-term care. Prerequisite: BUA/JUS/POS223 and POS251 or permission of the instructor.

11864 The American Health Care System Clark 3