NUR 225 Introduction to Health Informatics

(Cross-listed with CIS 225.)This course will provide students with a survey of topics in the health informatics area. Examining computer's emerging role in delivery, management and analysis of health care, and how it impacts all stakeholders in health care arena. Competency skill sets include:Analytical assessment of Medical information(both spatial and non-spatial) Systems Analysis and modeling and Project Management. Prerequisite CIS 100 OR CIS 101 OR CIS 135. 3 credits

25135 Landry 3


NUR 302 Pharmacology for Nurses

This course provides an introduction to pharmacodynamics through the application of holistic nursing and the nursing process. Focus on the principles of drug action are presented as they relate to nursing care throughout the lifespan. Emphasis is placed on the nursing role in medication administration and monitoring of various classes of medications. Prerequisite:NUR 204/205 or RN

25438 Clark 3


NUR 420 The American Healthcare System

(This course is cross listed with POS 420.) This course will examine the American healthcare system in relation to global healthcare systems in terms of health care outcomes, reimbursement and funding issues, governmental roles, and consumer issues around access, quality, and healthcare. The structure and process of health care legislation and current health care policies are discussed. New trends in health care legislation are examined and students are provided the opportunity to reflect on their responsibilities as a healthcare consumer and/or provider of health care services.  Prerequisites: NUR 304, BUA/JUS/POS 233 and POS 251 or by permission.