Spring 2013 Featured Courses

SSC 289/PSY 289/HUS 289 Global Citizenship

Augusta: 13574 Global Citizenship M 9-11:45am Elliott & Linhardt 3


This course is designed to serve as an opportunity for students to participate in global citizenship, to strengthen their intercultural competencies and (pending approval of the General Education Committee) meet UMA’s general education requirements in the areas of diversity and digital literacy (aka computer literacy). Students will increase their knowledge and cultural awareness by selected psychosocial institutions and topics by collaborating with peers and faculty from universities in three countries. The selected topics are developed to support multiple programs and to strengthen students identity as global citizens. There are no prerequisites for enrollment in the course. 3 credits 


ENG 475 Postcolonial Fictions

Connect with students in Slovenia!

Augusta: 13566 Postcolonial Fictions T 9:00AM-11:45AM Botshon 3

This course focuses on texts by authors from previously colonized nations as well as theoretical works that illuminate post/colonial discourse. We will study post-colonial literatures written primarily in English in the twentieth century by authors from around the world, including Britain, the Americas, South Asia and Africa. Themes and issues we will explore include: problems of identity; notions of exile, hybridity, migration, and nation; and issues of race and imperialism, including Western views of the "Orient" and Africa.

ENG 475 satisfies the International Literatures requirement in the English program and Humanities General Education requirements. Prerequisite: ENG 102. 3 credits.

ENG 475 is a course that lends itself to global exploration, and this coming spring we will have the opportunity to connect with a comparable class in Slovenia. Employing compressed video, Skype, social networking, and a variety of digital resources, we will devote a number of class periods reading, talking, and collaborating with our colleagues at the University of Ljubljana. 

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