PHI 103 Introduction to Philosophy

Critical examination of philosophical writings on traditional philosophical problems, such as the existence of God, freedom and determinism, the mind-body problem, the nature of knowledge and the meaning of life. Prerequisite: ENG101

25440 Gianopoulos 3

PHI 250 Ethics

A critical study of metaethics, ethical theories, and contemporary moral issues. Emphasizing the application of ethics to real-life situations, the course covers topics such as ethical relativism, subjectivism, morality and religion, utilitarianism, Kant, theories of punishment, abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia, censorship, sexual morality, affirmative action, and animal rights. Prerequisite: ENG 101

24717 TH 04:00PM-06:45PM Merckens 3

24771 TH 06:00PM-08:45PM Davis 3

24940 W 04:00PM-06:45PM Merckens 3