Patricia-Nursing-testimonialI have been an ADN nurse for 18 years. Returning to school after so many years was not a decision that I made lightly. However, I knew that in order to advance my career I needed to complete my BSN. I had attended a very strict ADN program that left me feeling less than eager to begin taking classes again.

My experience at UMA has been very different. The BSN program at UMA has nursing excellence as a goal, but it teaches that the path to excellence begins and ends with each of us both as nursing professional and as a person. The program teaches that by taking care of ourselves we will be better able to care for others. This philosophy is carefully woven throughout the curriculum. It enhances and expands the knowledge base of each class. It also has been instrumental in helping me to recover from burnout and to rekindle my passion for nursing.

I will admit that in the beginning I was skeptical about the holistic curriculum, but now feel very lucky to have this added to my education. I have felt connected to the professors and well supported. The hybrid format of the BSN classes has allowed flexibility in my schedule so that I could continue to work full time. I am planning to continue on to graduate school in the fall and know that I will be well prepared. I highly recommend the BSN program.

Patricia Mason R.N.
BSN Student