POS 101 American Government

An introductory study of the major principles, structures, processes and policies of the United States government. The course emphasizes such topics as the Constitution and its development, civil liberties, federalism, the role of political parties and interest groups, and the nature of the presidency, the bureaucracy, the congress and the national courts.

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POS 223 Principles of Management

(This course is cross-listed with JUS 223 and POS 223) A comprehensive study of management in public and private sectors. The influence of human, social and political factors is integrated with treatment of managers structural and technical processes. Analyses focus on such theories as planning, controlling, decision making, organizational design, administrative skills, communications and information systems. It is recommended that ENG 101 be taken prior to or concurrently with this course.


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POS 354 Public Budgeting and Financial Administration

An analysis of the political and technical aspects of the budgeting process. The budget is considered as an instrument of fiscal policy; budget preparation and classification are discussed. Examines governmental financial conditions, revenue collection and spending processes, and specialized topics such as cash management, risk management, debt management and capital budgeting. Special emphasis on financial management in state and local governments. Prerequisite: BUA/JUS/POS223 or POS251, or permission of the instructor

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POS 361 Human Resource Management

(This course is cross listed with BUA 361.) The management of human resources in both public and private sectors. Planning recruitment, training, compensation administration and legal and social responsibilities are analyzed for the student interested in personnel administration in a wide range of organizational structures. Prerequisite: POS/JUS/BUA223

(This class is a video-stream of the ITV course broadcast from Augusta on Fridays from 4:00 - 6:45. Students must take exams at the regularly scheduled times.)
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POS 365 Organizational Behavior

(This course is cross listed with BUA 365.) An analysis of the interaction between individual and work-group behavior leadership styles and organizational cultures. Applications of behavioral sciences are made in areas of motivation and influence, structure of work, leadership, group relations, organizational design and change. Emphasis is on application of theory in case studies and simulations. Prerequisite: BUA/JUS/ POS 223


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