Hone your writing skills while deepening your appreciation of literature. Through discussion and close personal attention, you’ll develop analytical, critical reasoning, and communication skills highly sought after by employers in many fields. These skills will also provide you with an excellent foundation for graduate study.

Degree Offered: B.A.
Offered on the Augusta and Bangor campuses

Hospice Volunteers: Belfast, ME

Hospice Volunteers of Waldo County based in Belfast, has a library of books and some dvd's that cover all aspects of end of life care and bereavement. It is open to the public and has books for all ages and professional backgrounds. We would like some intern help to identify key resources, make annotated recommended lists, and catalog this collection. We currently have an old fashioned "fill in the card" system and few typed lists of our current books.

We have a lot of volunteer help to re-shelve etc, but we are looking for some more professional guidance on how to make this resource really useful for the clientele who use it. We are an all volunteer organization providing non-medical support for families facing a terminal diagnosis or who have lost a loved one from any cause. You can see more about our organization at our website. http://www.hospicevolunteersofwaldocounty.org/

Please contact jodi.williams@maine.edu to discuss your interest in this special project.

Coastal, Rockland area, ME

Seeking processing archivist to assist in the organization of the Paul Motian Jazz collection. "Stephen Paul Motian (b1931-d2011) was an American jazz dummer, percussionist and composer who came into prominence in the late 1950s in the piano trios of Bill Evans. Motian played an important role in freeing jazz drummers from strict time-keeping duties." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Motian

Duties of processing archivist include survey of collection, organizing and creating finding aids with cross-referencing. Must have knowledge of preservation of paper based materials. Knowledge of Jazz History helpful. Hours are flexible. Location in Rockland, Maine.

Please contact jodi.williams@maine.edu to discuss your interest in this special project.

McArthur Library, Biddeford, ME

McArthur Library in Biddeford has the challenge of offering computer assistance to patrons and would welcome an intern to learn more about this area of librarianship and to assist patrons in developing computer skill. This may include: ways to assist in finding materials of all types, using public access computers, learning basic computer skills such as creating an email account or filling out applications, and assisting patrons with various personal digital devices. This internship experience would offer the chance for an ILS student to see what public library service is all about and to work with a terrific, knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Please contact jodi.williams@maine.edu to discuss your interest in this special project.

Research/Outreach Opportunity (Maine)

A town in Maine is looks for a library student who might be interested in conducting a phone survey of town residents regarding their small library. Survey instrument development, research on phone surveying library constituents and experience in gaining Institution Review Board approvel would be part of the learning experience.

*As a capstone experience this would be open to Seniors with extensive library background per the 499 guidelines. For volunteer experience outside of the capstone would be open to all students to discuss with ILS program Coordinator. This project might also be undertaken as an independent study for a senior ILS student.

Please contact jodi.williams@maine.edu to discuss your interest in this special project.

Raymond Village Library (Southern Maine)

The Raymond Village Library is a rural library in Southern Maine and is looking for a volunteer/intern who is interested in learning every aspect of the library.

Currently, RVL is about to launch an open-souce circulation system called KOHA. RVL has an active children's programming and programs for teens and adults which include:


  •  regular storytimes
  •  author visits
  •  book discussions and other collaborative efforts including:
  •  upcoming Norway Savings Band financial management classes for businesses and entrepreneurs
  •  Foreign Policy speakers via Maine Humanities Council in collaboration with Windham Library and local Chamber of Commerce (proposed grant)
  •  collaboration with local schools.


RVl has an active volunteer base Customer Service is a priority. There are plenty of opportunities for special projects and fundraising is an important aspect of the library. This summer is our ongoing Book Sale and assistance with that will be needed. A Library Intern is welcome at any time during the year.

Library Hours are Sunday 10-5, Monday 10-7 and Wednesday 10-7 We may be adding an extra day this summer.

For more information, please contact Jodi Williams, jodi.williams@maine.edu

Southwest Harbor Public Library, Maine

The Southwest Harbor Public Library is open to hosting an ILS intern in their library. The Southwest Harbor Public Library owns a collection of over 6000 historic photographs. These form a visual diary of Mount Desert Island scenery, vessels, building and people. The pictures range from 1850 up to the present.They include work done by photographers Henry L. Rand, G. A. Neal, W. H.Ballard, Bryant Bradley and C. A. Townsend. The Library is also the repository of the Henry R. Hinckley Co. photographs.

A project students can undertake would be to scan and completely catalog this e collection. This is currently being done by volunteers but there is assistance needed with certain aspects of the work. Specifically they need help with converting tiff and jpg files into thumbnails, assembling documents and clippings into PDF files, and processing digital orders for prints.

For more information, please contact Jodi Williams, jodi.williams@maine.edu

Falmouth Historical Society, Falmouth Maine

The Falmouth Historical Society in Falmouth, ME is in need of a wide variety of help in our growing genealogical and collections activities. Our need cary from migration of our manual accession information to a software program; genealogical research; location and mapping of significant historical sites in Falmouth; assisting in program development.

For more information, please contact Jodi Williams, jodi.williams@maine.edu

Library Intern/Children's Services: Auburn Public Library

We are seeking an intern to offer assistance in a variety of tasks in the children's department. Hours can be flexible but we need reliability and commitment to the position.

Duties: The children's intern will be responsible for patron assistance, clerical work, circulation duties, book processing, program assistance, data entry, shelving/shelf reading, bulletin board prep and other projects as needed.

Benefits: This is good opportunity to gain valuable library experience in many areas of library services to children.

Qualifications: Information & Library Science majors are encouraged to apply,
Demonstrated interest in libraries and literacy, Strong attention to detail, Ability to learn quickly, multi-task, Computer knowledge helpful, Responsible and committed person, Cheerful and friendly manner is important and previous customer service experience helpful.

Contact: Debora Cleveland, Auburn Public Library, 49 Spring Street, Auburn, Maine 04210, (207)333-6640, e-mail: dcleveland@auburnpubliclibrary.org

Interested students should also contact Jodi (1-800-850-5379) or send an email jodi.williams@maine.edu

Maine Media Workshops & College Opportunity*
(*Possibilities for Fall 2014)

Rockport Village! Maine Media Workshops and College is a 38 year old institution which has been a nonprofit school for the past four years. As one of 36 colleges in the state, we are small in size and big in focus and diversity, with over 2,000 students coming here from 48 states and 43 countries last year alone. We have the industry's cutting-edge equipment and technology; and, throughout the year, enjoy over 200 expert photographers, multimedia artists, and filmmakers as faculty.

Currently, we have a great need for a knowledgeable person to help us organize our library. While we cannot pay someone a salary, we can provide experience, support, room, and board. If you know of a student who is available, even part-time or during the summer, who can help, I am very interested in talking with this person.

Interested students should contact Jodi (1-800-850-5379) or send an email jodi.williams@maine.edu

South Thomaston Public Library

The South Thomaston Public Library is an all-volunteer effort open to the public 15 hours/week. We offer just about every service a large public library does, but on a much smaller scale.

We are interested in working with UMA to offer an internship to a local ILS student to enable the student to learn the ropes of working in a small rural library. We do have an MLS librarian with many years of volunteer supervisory experience. We would love to share our passion for good library service with the up and coming generation. We are open to new ideas and this would be an ideal sharing atmosphere for an ILS student and aspiring librarian.

We are totally automated (using LibraryWorld for our circulation/cataloging/OPAC), have a dedicated webpage, soon to have a Facebook page. We have two pre-school story hours per week with a monthly attendance of over 100! We also have an adult book discussion group that meets monthly, public access computers, and provide ILL to our patrons. Our collection is small (about 6000 books and videos) but meets the needs of our patrons. We also participate in the Maine Downloadable Overdrive consortium. Interested students should contact Jodi (1-800-850-5379) or send an email jodi.williams@maine.edu

Waterboro School Media Center

We have opportunities for field study or internship opportunities to students in an exciting high school media center.  We are transforming our outdated and traditional school library into a vibrant, information-packed media
center. We would love the opportunity to work with an ILS student. Great flexible opportunity for a student who is interested in learning more about school media centers in a changing environment.

Interested students should contact Jodi (1-800-850-5379) or send an email jodi.williams@maine.edu

Kennebec Historical Society

At the Kennebec Historical Society we have a collection of books, manuscripts, images and ephemera that currently exceeds 50,000 items, less than half of which has been appropriately inventoried and cataloged. The items cover 18th century to present Augusta and surrounding communities in Kennebec County.

We would welcome students and other interested people who would learn from and enjoy an opportunity to participate in what is now an ongoing process of getting all of these items into a computer database. We can provide volunteers training and supervision in the details of our catalog and database. We can provide computer skills guidance but would need interested parties to have good essential computer skills. The Society is generally open from 10:00 to 2:00 on Wednesday to Friday, but work hours can be arranged most days of the week.

For more information about the Kennebec Historical Society, please see our website. Interested students should contact Jodi (1-800-850-5379) or send an email jodi.williams@maine.edu

 Outside of Maine
There are some libraries outside of Maine in the New England area interested in hosting additional ILS students if you live in that region, as more contact us, we will post their information:
Hingham Public Library: MASSACHUSETTS

HPL has possibilities for ILS students in their area. They are at 66 Leavitt Street
Hingham, MA, 02043. Contact jodi.williams@maine.edu for more information.

Grantham Public Library: NEW HAMPSHIRE
September through November, possibly December 2012
1) Possibility for the implementation of programming already planned, including storytimes on Thursday mornings, plan programming for the fall, and possibly for the spring for implementation. There is the possibility for 10-15 hours a week, and some work could be done outside the library.
2) A second possibility would be copying/moving all our web materials from their current location with the vendor Citymax probably to either blogger or wordpress or a similar hosting situation. The same "in-house" schedule would apply and same number of hours.

Please contact Jodi Williams (jodi.williams@maine.edu) for more information

Lincoln College of New England: CONNECTICUT

We are looking for student interns for the Hartford campus at this time. The library has great hours, and we have lots of projects to be done.

Lincoln College of New England is part of Lincoln Educational Services, we have 54 campuses Nation wide. We have an online college, our eCollege, and have 3 college campuses in Connecticut.




ILS Department Policies

The ILS program faculty have approved the following policies (9.29.12) *updated for clarification 9.30.13

Internet Access for Students

Access to the internet is required in ALL Information Library Service classes; high-speed internet access is STRONGLY recommended. Students are expected to have daily access to the internet and email, in order to access class, receive updates, additions and obtain other course-related information.  All students at UMA are required to obtain an @maine.edu email account and to check it regularly for official university communications. Help on email accounts can be found at mail.maine.edu

Student employ-ability and volunteering:

Formal or informal experience (volunteering) in a library information agency is extremely important in the ILS field. All students who have not worked in a library should consider volunteering not only to reinforce their classroom learning, but to network, and to gain practical experience in the field, or specialty area they plan to work in.

ILS Program Course Grade Requirements:

As noted on the ILS program checksheets, ILS students must achieve a 2.0 overall GPA for ALL ILS program requirements and each ILS class must be passed with C (2.0) or higher. This means that an ILS student earning a grade of C- or lower for an ILS class must re-take that course to earn ILS program credit.


APA Citation Format

Incomplete Policy:

To request an incomplete, please fill out the following Request for Incomplete FORM

ILS Program Incomplete Policy: A student may initiate a request for an incomplete grade in the event that extenuating circumstances (documentation may be required) prevents completion of the course. Assignment of the incomplete grade is at the discretion of the instructor. The following criteria must be met before an incomplete grade will be assigned, exceptions may be made through the sole discretion of the faculty member:

  • The student has attended a majority of course meetings and completed a majority of the coursework requirements (approximately 75%).
  • The student must be passing the course at the time of the incomplete request.
  • All remaining work must be completed by a date mutually agreed upon by the student and the instructor (the due date may only be revised by explicit permission of the instructor).
  • The request for incomplete must be submitted via this form and approved by the instructor and the student, and a copy submitted to the ILS Office. (electronic signatures/submission acceptable).
  • The student shall not re-register for the course while completing the remaining work.
  • Any changes to this agreement (e.g. extension of due date) must be submitted on a subsequent form.
  • If the remaining work is not completed at the conclusion of the next term, the “I” reverts to the grade of “F.” In rare exceptions and at the sole discretion of the faculty member, a grade to date may be submitted in lieu of the “F.”


ILS Course Grade Requirement

As noted on the ILS program checksheets, ILS students must pass all ILS courses with a C (2.0) or higher. This means that an ILS student earning a grade of C- or lower must re-take that course to earn ILS program credit.

ILS Program Consistent Grading Scale

All UMA ILS courses use the following point scale for calculating final letter grades: effective Spring 2013.

Letter Grade

Grade Point Averages

Grading Scale











































Any questions about any ILS department policies should be addressed to Dr. JWilliams at lnitcoord@maine.edu

It's not just the education,
It's what you do with it! 

ILS Program Pages:

Who We are,
What we are doing!

Prospective Students


Because ours is a web-based program, you can take our library courses from your home or office via the Internet and/or recorded instructions available streamed via the internet. Class discussions, homework assignments and other components of your courses are accomplished using BlackBoard, our web-based course delivery system.

Our library courses are offered asynchronously, which means courses typically do not require you to be logged in at a specific time and day. Whether it’s 6:00 AM Monday morning, 10:00 PM Sunday night, or any time in between, take each class when it makes the most sense to you and your schedule.

For FLEXIBILTY of Careers
Through our program, you will be poised for success in a wide array of fields and positions: as a library or information assistant, or for a related position in business, public service, education, and communications.

All this means you can enroll and graduate from our Information and Library Services program from anywhere in the world -- and be superbly prepared to launch your career in a growing an exciting field.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of Library and Information Services programs should be able to:

  1. Demonstrated Knowledge of Foundational Principles
  2. Select & Evaluate Information
  3. Organize Information
  4. Analyze and Respond to Information Inquiries
  5. Teach about Information & Related Resources
  6. Manage information and library services
  7. Apply and Assess Technology



Graduates of the Information & Library Services program have well-developed computer, organizational, and communication skills. These and other related skills serve our students well as they prepare for careers in libraries and other information-intensive organizations. A sampling of representative skills and abilities follow:

TechnicalResearch & Analysis
Using reference tools, print & online
Applying computer knowledge
Using the internet
Searching databases
Using original sources
Developing budgets
Handling acquisitions/purchasing
Evaluating options
Assessing needs and interests
Speaking effectively to groups/individuals
Raising funds
Listening and questioning skills
Conveying ideas systematically
Writing clearly
Paying attention to detail
Categorizing data
Compiling data
Working independently
Working as a team

Careers You Can Seek

The selected list that follows offers a glimpse of the diverse career possibilities for UMA Information & Library Services majors. For some occupations listed below, additional training may be required. For what's available in the job market where you live check out: Library Job Postings on the Internet. This can give you an idea of the types of jobs available in your geographic region.

Library ServiceBusiness
Library Assistant
Catalog Librarian*
Reference Librarian*
Used Book Store Manager
Insurance Claims Clerk
Travel Agent
Hotel Concierge
Administrative Assistant
Office Manager
Public Service/EducationCommunications
Legislative Assistant
Legal Assistant
Teacher's Aide
Media Specialist*
Circulation Manager
Clipping Service Owner
Information Specialist
Information Broker

*Baccalaureate or graduate level study is generally required for these occupations.

Here’s an outstanding program you can complete from anywhere. Providing a foundation in computer information systems, public service programming, reference and database searching, library technical processes, and more, you’ll be poised for success within the field of library and information services. Related opportunities abound in business, public service, education, and communications.

Degree Offered: B.S. and A.S.
Offered online wherever you are

Contact Information:

Jodi Williams, Assistant Professor & Coordinator
E-Mail: lnitcoord@maine.edu
Telephone (Local): (207) 621-3341
1-877-UMA-1234, x3341
Fax: (207) 621-3311


The Library and Information Services Certificate Program provides course work that offers the practical skills for entry-level employment as support staff in information centers and libraries (academic, special, school, and public) working for professional librarians. This certificate program also offers persons with previously earned college-level courses the knowledge to work as a paraprofessional in a library/information center. Students are encouraged to contact the coordinator for additional information.

Certificate in Library and Information Services Curriculum*:

ILS 100 - Introduction to Libraries and Library Information Careers (3 credits)
ILS 101 - Foundations of Information & Library Science (3 credits)
ILS 109 - Information Literacy (1 credit)
ILS 150 - Introduction to Reference Services & Materials (3 credits)
ILS 175 - Cataloging Technical Processes (3 credits)
ILS 225 - Introduction to Library Information Technology (3 credits)
ILS 250 - Collection Development (3 credits)
ILS 200 level Elective: Choose 1 of the following (3 credits):

ILS 201 Library Services for Teens
ILS 202 Library Materials and Services for Children
ILS 203 Survey of Health Sciences Resources
ILS 204 Survey of Business Resources
ILS 205 Readers’ Advisory

Total Credit Hours: 22 credit hours.
*Pending for Fall 2013

Course delivery:

ILS courses are taught asynchronously via the Internet, some streamed video instruction, and computer conferencing technologies are used. Contact between faculty and students is maintained via e-mail, phone, discussion in the course management system and other technologies as parties are able to participate (skype, chatting, etc.). While all courses (both program and general education) are available through UMA to students who can not come to campus, if a student has the option, non-library courses can be completed through UMA or at regionally accredited colleges and universities of the students' choice or. Any outside courses to be taken for the general education requirements must be approved by your UMA adviser BEFORE being taken.

This distance education option includes national and international delivery. Computer use, e-mail skills, and access to Internet(high speed preferred) are required to be successful in the program. Please see the ILS department policy page for more information and necessary access to technology to support student success.


See UMA's Tuition and Fees page for current tuition costs.

Application and Registration:

Students may apply and register by contacting the UMA Office of Admissions,

For more information please see our ILS Program "Steps through the Admissions Process" Guide.