Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 1.14.12 PMUMA Assistant Professor of American Studies, Dr. Sarah Hentges recently published her new book, "Women and Fitness in American Culture" last November.  She will be offering a hybrid course at UMA on the topic in the fall of 2014.

Drawing on her experience as a cultural theorist, educator, and fitness instructor, the author offers critical and creative approaches that reveal the limitations and possibilities of fitness. The book explores and explodes common representations and experiences of American fitness, and takes women's experiences as the center of inquiry toward an understanding of the function of fitness in our lives and in our culture-at-large, ranging from 1968 to present day.

“This work asks us to think about our own relationship to fitness as well as the more abstract meanings of this term and ultimately argues that a multidimensional idea of fitness has some potential to transform ourselves and our worlds... if we're willing to do the work(out),” says Dr. Hentges.

The course, AME/WGS 306: American Fitness: Culture, Community, and Transformation, will consider fitness as an American fad, industry, pop culture phenomenon, and pursuit. As a women's studies course, students will also consider feminist perspectives. Course work will include a project that focuses on the individual students' fitness interests. 

For more information about how to register for this course, access MaineStreet or contact Enrollment Services at 1-877-UMA-1234.  For more information about the book and the course, contact Dr. Sarah Hentges