PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology

This is a basic course in the psychology sequence. Topics covered in this course include background and methods, learning theories, brain and nervous system, personality, perception, intelligence, motivation, emotions, thinking and problem solving, human development, abnormal behavior and social interaction.

12144 Introduction to Psychology Day 3 (Meets 10/10-11/30)


PSY 306 Behavior Modification

The principles of operant conditioning and applications to the understanding and control of behavior in everyday life situations including the classroom. Prerequisite: PSY100

09435 Behavior Modification Ellis 3


PSY 308 Human Development

Provides a life span approach focusing on the physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual characteristics of individuals. Emphasis will be placed on psychological stages and needs. Prerequisite: PSY 100

09436 Human Development Day 3


PSY 312 Psychology of Human Adjustment

This course applies traditional and contemporary psychological theories to life span development. Integrates personality and learning theories within the social, cultural and cognitive contexts. A blend of humanistic, developmental and interpersonal theories are applied to the individual's adjustment to everyday life. Prerequisite: PSY100

(Blended) 09437 Psychology of Human Adjustment Elliott 3


PSY 360 Social Psychology

A survey of psychological behavior, how it is studied and how it is influenced. Representative topics include affiliation, aggression, attitude formation and change, attraction, communication, groups, interpersonal perception, mass media, prosocial behavior, prejudice, research methodologies, and situational influences. Prerequisite: PSY100

09439 Social Psychology Lake-Corral 3


PSY 400 Abnormal Psychology

This course covers the history, scope and classification of mental illness and the effectiveness of treatment methods. Topics include schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, behavioral disorders, social deviance and anxiety-related disorders. The biological and environmental determinants of abnormal behaviors are addressed. Prerequisite: PSY 100

09441 Abnormal Psychology Grunder 3